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Of Mind And Mouth

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If reports about criticism Ohio Gov. John Kasich is directing at some of his challengers are accurate, he’s playing New Hampshire voters—and the reporters trailing him—for rubes who apparently don’t know enough about him to realize this is another case of the pot calling the kettle black.

As first-in-the-nation primary voting looms next Tuesday, a tracking poll released Wednesday by 7News/UMass Lowell shows Ohio’s governor has stumbled to fifth place. John Kasich’s mind and mouth are hitting on all cylinders as he tells whoppers to New Hampshire voters voters in Ohio know to be false.

Of Mind And Mouth


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In a conference call with reporters Wednesday, Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown said Ohio state officials, especially Gov. John Kasich who’s off in New Hampshire running for president, need to explain what they knew about lead levels in the water system of Sebring, Ohio, and when they knew it.

Sen. Brown told reporters on the call that he would introduce a bill that would require the U.S. EPA to notify the public of dangerous lead levels in their water within 15 days, and to put a cleanup plan into place within six months. It would also require the state EPA […]

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If you like Hillary Rodham Clinton then you thought she won Monday night’s one-on-one debate with her lone Democratic rival Sen. Bernie Sanders with a strong and convincing debate performance that showed her breadth and range.

If you don’t like Hillary Rodham Clinton, you won’t think she won, but you’ll still have to admit she more than held her own, as Sen. Sanders went at her full throttle, tying her to “Wall Street” and by extension his campaign’s core theme that the economy is “rigged” for the rich, with media hungry for a slip up watching for gaffes and errors.

With […]

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