A new 7News/UMass Lowell tracking poll of New Hampshire released Wednesday confirms the likely unhappy outcome that awaits Ohio Gov. John Kasich next Tuesday.

The poll includes reaction to caucus votes in Iowa from Monday and shows the Buckeye State governor—who has tried to cover up his normally mean old persona with a new one that’s sunny-side up—has been downgraded two points to fifth place.

Kasich Not Faring Well In New Hampshire

Released Wednesday, less than a week away from first-in-the-nation voting in New Hampshire, the poll shows Donald John Trump holds onto first place with 38 percent. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who came away the big winner in Iowa two days ago, is second with 14 percent. In third place at 12 percent comes Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, whose strong finish in third place just short of Mr. Trump’s second place showing, has made him the establishment lane candidate to watch if he can consolidate support behind hin. Next in line comes former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush with nine percent in fourth place.

All alone in fifth place comes Ohio’s crusty, term-limited governor at seven percent.

“John Kasich is not getting the reception he wanted. He’s down two points,” article author Andy Hiller observed. Plunderbund reported yesterday that Kasich’s moon-shot campaign in New Hampshire may not achieve lift-off. Stuart Rothenberg, a long-time veteran observer on politics who resides on a level of respect with Charlie Cook of the The Cook Political Report, forecasts an unhappy election night for the second-time White House hopeful.

Fresh New Hampshire Churned Kasich Butter

With days ticking down to Judgement Day for Ohio’s faith-based governor, John Kasich has only so many hours left to pack-in more town hall meetings or turn himself into butter trying. Ohio State Fair goers who flock to the butter cow may prefer next year’s butter cow be sculpted out of New Hampshsire-chured Kasich butter. That would be the most iconic stunt so far from driving in the “Kasich Lane.”