From the daily archives: Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The once vaunted Gray Lady of New York City has swallowed the sweet-tasting Kool-Aid ladled out by Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s campaign for president. Its editorial endorsing Gov. Kasich relies on the collective ignorance about his real record of not lifting people up as much as he claims he has.

The NYT’s Saturday opinion piece is a very oblique endorsement of Ohio’s governor as it mainly argues against Donald Trump and Ted Cruz as undesirable GOP candidates. Confronted with a hand of nothing but Joker cards, John Kasich was the last Joker card left after the Times’ editorial board discarded […]

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Among reporters, pundits and prognosticators, long-time political soothsayer Stuart Rothenberg is widely respected for his political expertise. When he writes about winners and losers in politics, most inhabitants of media world listen.

In his recent assessment of John Kasich’s second campaign to be Commander-in-Chief, Rothenberg writes in “It’s Official: Put a Fork in Kasich’s Candidacy” what Ohio media  is afraid to say, as it pushes the Music Man governor toward a fate that most can see except Camp Kasich, its followers and some reporters who refuse to read the writing on the wall.

The fork in the road […]

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