When an Iowan asked Ohio Gov. John Kasich last Wednesday whether he was embarrassed to have been tricked by David Daleiden into stumping for the defunding of Planned Parenthood, Kasich affected not to know who he is.

The questioner can be forgiven the construction, asking Kasich if he was “embarrassed,” when our Buckeye State governor quite obviously has no shame. As most of us who pay attention to the news know, David Daleiden is that wormy little bottom-feeder who tried to sting Planned Parenthood with heavily manipulated videos last summer.

Here is a transcript of the exchange (full video at bottom of article):

Questioner: “Are you embarrassed that Daleiden tricked you, and your stumping to defund Planned Parenthood is based on a lie?”

Kasich: “Who?”

Questioner: “David Daleiden.

Kasich: “I don’t know who that is.”

Questioner: “He was just indicted by the Texas Supreme Court for…”

Kasich (interrupting): “Well I never met the guy. I don’t know anything about him. Yes, sir?”

Another Questioner: “That’s the guy who took the videos that deflated Planned Parenthood. That’s what’s going on.”

Kasich: “Well I don’t know anything about him.”

The Second Questioner: “It’s kind of a shock.”

So at least two of Kasich’s event goers are far more knowledgable about a news story Kasich has been using as a political football than he is. Great. Very impressive, John. Either you’re a hack who’s been using a ginned-up controversy to attack an organization you don’t like for callous political gain with total disregard for the facts, or you’re an ill-informed ignoramus bumbling along the campaign trail like a jalopy 1980 Volkswagen Rabbit.

Kasich has been calling for rash, destructive public policy based on his tenuous grasp on reality and a seemingly cavalier attitude toward any emerging facts. And this guy is supposed to be the grown-up in the Republican Presidential primary? He’s so different than the rest of the world class boneheads seeking the nomination? Presumes facts not in evidence, your Honor!

With even the slightest curiosity on Kasich’s part, and the 10 seconds it takes to look up the story on the World Wide InterWebs, he would know that just days prior Daleiden was indicted by a grand jury in Harris County, Texas, on a felony charge of tampering with government records and a misdemeanor charge for emailing an offer to purchase fetal tissue.

With even the slightest intellect, Kasich would’ve known half-a-year ago that the Daleiden videos were just a slice of noxious ratfkery, and that they were heavily manipulated to generate a very specific, exploitable political reaction. And you know what? He did. Of course, he did. And merrily he went along to exploit it to win his own personal, political brownie points. He also likely knew exactly who Daleiden is, but don’t expect him to be embarrassed when his honor, or lack thereof, is laid bare. John Kasich has no shame.

D.C. DeWitt is a writer and man of sport and leisure. He has also written for Government Executive online, the National Journal’s Hotline, and The New York Observer’s Politicker.com. He is the Associate Editor of The Athens NEWS in Athens, Ohio. DeWitt can be found on Facebook and Twitter @DC_DeWitt.