From the monthly archives: January 2016

Mitt Romney, the richest person ever to run for president before Donald John Trump launched his bid last summer, took the plunge four years ago when he let the world peer into a personal tax return from 2011.

During the 2012 presidential contest, Romney, the former Gov. of Massachusetts who was proud to claim credit for devising Romneycare before he orphaned it when President Obama modeled the Affordable Care Act after it, faced the music of the masses by allowing the world to peek into his family finances. Confronted with his Michigan governor-father George’s declaration that a transparent candidate […]

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Gov. John Kasich will look at the new monthly job figures released by the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services [ODJFS] and see nothing but blue skies. Others whose look is more detailed will see lots of gray skies with small patches of blue.

Mainstream newspapers focused on Ohio’s unemployment rate, which rose in December for the second straight month with employers adding 15,200 jobs. The state’s unemployment rate inched up to 4.7 percent in December from 4.5 percent in November, ODJFS reported. As recently as October it had dipped to a 14-year low of 4.4 percent. Sounds good, […]

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Have you been following the transition of John Kasich from crabby governor to mild and mannered presidential candidate to hardscrabble evangelical preacher to a boastful human ode to the common man?

Probably not. I haven’t noticed that the hometown papers nor the national pundits have picked up on his slick morphing to gain ground as a blessedly good white guy in the wilds of New Hampshire.

All things being relative, Kasich is now being heralded by some writers as the lone civilized carom away from Donald Trump and some other guy named
Cruz. In the modern media-driven age hurriedly […]

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[In the concluding part of this series, we examine four more model constitutional amendments that are vital in strengthening the structural fault lines of our electoral system. In Part Four, we saw proposed amendments that would define voting as a fundamental right, popular election of the president and vice president, and a call for national election days with uniform voting times. It is hoped that these four amendments, if considered and approved, will repair the other remaining fault lines of our republic.]

Amendment 31.  Universal voter registration. The United States shall support a system of universal voter registration for all […]

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With three weeks until the primary in New Hampshire, the Associated Press reported last week that Ohio Gov. John Kasich is campaigning with a “sense of calm” in a very small state where he’ll “live or die.”

Gov. Kasich’s “sense of calm” may sound Zen-like, but once results of the latest CNN/WMUR are considered, it’s more like he’s whistling past his own graveyard. In the poll,  John Kasich falls to sixth place with just two percent of poll participants. Not good for the crusty CEO who’s pinned his hopes for a second run for the White House exclusively […]

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From Jeb! Bush to Chris Christie to John Kasich, this season’s mainstream “establishment” Republicans don’t have the punching power to knock out an outside brawler like Donald John Trump.

If rolling polling at is a predictor of things to come, the New York billionaire who can dominate the news cycle at will just might win both Iowa and New Hampshire.

For sitting Govs. Christie of New Jersey and Kasich in Ohio, their one-time bromance is in divorce court as each dings the other as they fend for their political lives in the small Granite State, where […]

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I hope you witnessed the red carpet return of Sarah Palin from the baggage  compartment to endorse Donald Trump the other night. Appearing for a role in a rerun of the War of the Worlds, she excitedly exclaimed:  “This is going to be so much fun!” with a dead-panned Trump at her side for the next 20 minutes.  Who else but America’s fading Drama Queen could have shut him up for so long?  I guess there is some good in everything.

Palin’s histrionic schtick remains Sarah doing Sarah.   Demonizing in the higher octaves,   she recounted  America’s sins with acid-pointed daggers to […]

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[We’ve spent some time in the first three parts of this series closely examining our Constitution, its looming structural problems or fault lines, governance problems in our history that have been caused by the cumbersome Electoral College system, and issues like the meaning of the term native born citizen as it has been injected into the current presidential campaign. In Part Four, we examine a series of model amendments that are offered as a way to start a national conversation aimed toward repairing a broken system that is increasingly dysfunctional due to the injection of billions of dollars into political […]

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It’s crunch time in New Hampshire. In less than three weeks, Granite State voters will select their favorite pick for President of The United States [POTUS].

The campaign of Gov. John Kasich has a little to crow about now that he’s picked up endorsements from The Portsmouth Herald, Foster’s Daily Democrat and The Telegraph of Nashua for POTUS. The Portsmouth Herald and Foster’s Daily Democrat, both part of Seacoast Media Group, endorsed Kasich through a joint editorial.

At the same time Mr. Kasich got endorsed by these Seacoast papers, they also endorsed former secretary of State Hillary Clinton in […]

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[In Parts One and Two, we examined the controversy about the meaning of the term native born citizen, growing calls for a variety of constitutional amendments, and even an unknown element called by some as a “Convention of States.” In Part Three, we will review some historical problems with the voting process along with what I describe as fault lines that indicate the erosion in our republican system of government caused by the stress on its 18th century foundations.]

The U.S. Constitution has been described as the “world’s oldest national charter in continuous use.”  Since its adoption, our nation has […]

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[As we saw in Part One, there has been renewed discussion recently about the meaning of the term natural born citizen as it is found in our Constitution. The questions that pundits and constitutional lawyers have generated about that term – including the possibility of lawsuits to force a court test and resolve the issue as settled law –have added even more volatility to this election cycle. But the natural born citizen controversy is merely a harbinger of many other modern-day issues that have not been addressed by our 18th century national charter. In this second article of the series, […]

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