Odds makers in Las Vegas, America’s mecca of gambling and the site of Tuesday’s latest GOP debate, carry serious weight when it comes to betting on baseball, football or horse races.

Politics is no different.

A guest on  Chris Matthews MSNBC show this week, widely followed Las Vegas odds maker Jimmy Vaccaro, offered some odds on who Republicans will pick and how that nominee will fair against Democrats next year.

For Republicans, Vaccaro said his odds right now are 3-1 for either Donald Trump, Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio to become the GOP pick for president. For Democrats, there is no contest, as Hillary Rodham Clinton is a big favorite, 1-10. “No one is in front of her,” Vaccaro said, adding with emphasis, “She’s the nominee for Democrats.”

Chris Christie had a good evening for many, and Vaccaro said he’s improved odds for Christie from 75-1 to 50-1 to be the nominee. Dr. Ben Carson also improved by five points, now at 20-1.

The big question from Matthews was about who wins the General Election next year. The line for next November, Vaccaro said, is that “Democrats retain the White House, 6-5.” Asked to explain, Vaccarro said that means, “Dems are favored to win $1.20 for every dollar you want to win.”

And if Donald Trump doesn’t get the nomination, will he bolt the party and start an independent campaign? He has it 3-1 that Trump stays put.