She won the Democratic primary in Ohio in 2008, beating a first-term senator from Illinois, Barack Obama. Her husband, two-term Democratic President Bill Clinton, who created 23 million jobs on his watch and left Washington with surpluses as far as the eye could see, also won the Buckeye State, twice in back to back elections in 1992 and 1996.

Leading in national polls over her closest rival, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, and beating most Republicans in national match-ups, Hillary Rodham Clinton, former First Lady, two-term Senator from New York State and former Secretary of State for President Obama, got a little help Monday from a friend, former Ohio Governor Richard Celeste.

A two-term Ohio governor, Mr. Celeste, officially filed on behalf of Hillary for America with the Ohio Secretary of State to qualify for the ballot ahead of the March 15th Ohio Primary.

Mr. Celeste, a former Ambassador to India for President Clinton who retired in 2011 as President of Colorado College, explained in a statement Monday why’s he’s on Team Hillary.

“Hillary Clinton’s Ohio campaign is being built from the ground up, driven by a diverse, grassroots coalition that’s excited about her proven record and fired up about her agenda that addresses the real things that keep Ohio families up at night. She’s focused on revitalizing our manufacturing jobs and production, investing in our infrastructure, reforming our criminal justice system and building an economy that works for every Ohioan, not just those at the top. Those are the things Ohio families care about and voters here are excited to get the campaign started.”

When citizen John Kasich ran for governor for the first time in 2010, part of his pitch was that he’d be a firewall for a second Obama victory in Ohio. That promise clearly wasn’t prophetic. With real voting starting in Iowa and then in New Hampshire in about 50 days, Gov Kasich finds himself running against a platoon of Republicans, many of whom out poll him nationally and in all states.

With voter turnout among Democrats expected to return to presidential election cycle year standards, Hillary Clinton stands more than a good chance to first win the Ohio primary then the General Election should she go on to win the party’s nomination, as expected, in August.