If Professor Harold Hill were running for president in Iowa today, the famed fictional flim-flam huckster known as “The Music Man,” whose goal was to bilk local yokels of their hard-earned money by making them believe his fanciful dream of outfitting kids with colorful uniforms and musical instruments they couldn’t play could come true, Hawkeye State voters just might see him as the kind of Washington outsider they seem to be yearning for as their caucus voting nears on February 1.

The Des Moines Register released its latest anticipated poll Sunday. It shows a new leader has emerged. Texas Senator Ted Cruz has moved into first place, displacing Donald J. Trump from his perch in that category. Mr. Cruz leads the pack with 31 percent, followed by Mr. Trump at 21 percent, with Dr. Ben Carson falling to a distant third at 13 percent.

In a separate release, as new AP-GfK Poll gives Donald Trump high marks for decisiveness. The poll only looks at five candidates: Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush. Gov. Kasich and other low-polling contenders are not mentioned.

Cruz leads, Then Trump And Carson

The rest of the field of GOP White House wannabes with the exception of Marco Rubio at 10 percent can only post single digits. Ohio Gov. John Kasich, whose Music Man status is legend, can do no better than 2 percent.

Spending little time and money in Iowa by choice, because he’s stuck with a one-state [New Hampshire] strategy that so far appears to doom him rather be his destiny, is showing his grandiose dream of outfitting Iowans with his special brand of braggadocio and easily debunked accomplishments isn’t flying high. The trouble in River City these days isn’t pool, instead, the small fictional town whose rubes were ripe for the picking by Professor Hill want a different kind of huckster.

Sen. Cruz, on a hot streak of late, has risen in the paper’s poll form a meager five percent in January to 31 percent today. Over the same time period, John Kasich has doubled his popularity from one percent to two percent. Gov. Kasich knows all to well that his dysfunctional personality is among his biggest liabilities, and today’s poll shows again, that the more people get to know him the less they like him. In January, Gov. Kasich’s favorable-unfavorable ratio was 22-14, respectively. His reversal of fortune is seen clearly in that ratio that is 19-46, respectively.

What is certainly further bad news for Ohio’s term-limited governor is that more than half [53%] say they can “never” support him, up from 23 percent in May.

Read the full Des Moine Register Poll here.

While John Kasich likes to think of himself as normal because he’s so unorthodox, that typical convoluted thinking isn’t what some see in him. In a not-so-kind article titled “Kasich — Governor, Pope or Schizo?” in Townhall.com, a very conservative publication, Paul Jacob, President of Citizens in Charge Foundation and Citizens in Charge, doesn’t spare the rod to spoil the governor.

Mr. Jacob shows Gov. Kasich as all too willing to be on both or more sides of an issue, as he says one thing, then another in the next breath, that leave many wondering what he’s talking about.