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Over the last two days Ohio’s governor made several stops in New Hampshire, including a meet-and-greet at the Exeter Inn before stopping at Gilchrist Metal Fabricating in Hudson followed by yet another town hall meeting at the Belknap Mills in Laconia.

Odds are good that Gov. John Kasich didn’t talk about just how poorly he did last week in the fourth Republican presidential debate, which was confirmed in a new poll of 1,000 Republican-leaning voters that showed exactly how bad he tanked in Milwaukee, Wisconsin last Tuesday evening.

A new HuffPost/YouGov poll showed the drubbing Mr. Kasich took following […]

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State Rep. Ron Maag, R-Lebanon, continues his laser-like focus on the most pressing needs in our great Buckeye State, this time around presenting a bill to make sure Uncle Conrad and Aunt Jennie can arrive strapped while dropping little Timmy off at day care.

An email from the Buckeye Firearms Association elaborates:

Substitute House Bill 48… is scheduled for a vote by the full House on Tuesday, November 17, 2015.

The bill, which passed out of the House State Government Committee back in June by a 9-2 vote, seeks to restore Ohioans’ right to carry in day care facilities (unless they post “no-guns”), private airplanes, school safety […]

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House Bill 212 will get its first hearing this week in the Ohio House Education Committee now led by controversial chairman Andrew Brenner.  HB 212 was introduced last May by Andrew Thompson (R) who is best known for being both extremely conservative (i.e., Tea Party), but also for his extreme anti-Common Core stance which appealed to many parents and educators alike.

Thompson’s House Bill 212 includes many provisions that propose to change testing and curriculum in Ohio, though the majority of these provisions were already addressed when PARCC was eliminated and curriculum changes dictated this past summer in Ohio’s Budget […]

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Party animal that I am, my Saturday night was spent listening to the Democratic Presidential debate while reading history on the friendship between Henry Adams and John Hay. Born to be wild.

My reading put me in the mind of statesmanship, and U.S. history, and I noted that the three Democrats on stage all displayed substantially thicker Presidential timber than anything offered by the termite-infested woodcraft on the GOP stage.

Sometime around mid-summer, I decided that if anything remained of the Republican Party’s collective brain after 35 years of deformation by obvious parasitic infection, they might do well to select Florida U.S. […]

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Back in New Hampshire for two days of campaigning,  Gov. John Kasich says he’ll talk to voters in the early primary state on Thursday and Friday, the AP reported.

It’s a safe bet that Ohio’s governor won’t be spending any time in Exeter or Hudson or Laconia—three stops where he’ll tout his Washington resume, executive experience as governor and his plan to dismember federal agencies and send their funding back to states—talking about the devastation his budget plan will bring to America if actually put in place or the “pay-to-stay” prison scandal a new report by the American Civil […]

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Those of us who have known John Kasich from his early days in politics are familiar with his naturally combative style.  Dating back to the 1970s when he rose from statehouse intern to legislative aide for then-Republican State Senator Buzz Lukens, Mr. Kasich’s (dis)temperament  has worked well for him over his nearly four decades in professional politics.

But it may have just met its match.

Following his widely panned performance at the fourth presidential debate held Tuesday in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Gov. Kasich’s rude and angry attempts at intimidation could end up being the big bolder blocking his path to the GOP nomination.

Basic […]

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A year from now, American voters will select their next president. Who’s up and who’s down from day to day is the on-going obsession of political junkies, especially the high-priced variety that dominate talking TV shows every day and every night.

After all their so-called expert insight, not one of them can predict with any assurance who voters will choose next fall. As they pretend to be able to foresee the future, they always withdraw to reality, which is to say, they don’t know since they’re only as good as yesterday’s headlines and what other members of their Beltway echo […]

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On the end again but lucky to be at the fourth Republican debate, hosted by Fox Business News and the Wall Street Journal and held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Ohio Gov. John Kasich needed to stand out from the other seven competing candidates on stage.

He did that, but in a way that earned him biggest loser status. Instead of winning the crowd and the night, an honor that many believe went to Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, the ham-handed, disruptive performance turned in by Ohio’s CEO made news because of the eight times he interrupted the […]

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The bill has come due, and it’s $1.3 million. That’s how much money in attorneys fees Attorney General Mike DeWine cost Ohio by losing the defense of his religious beliefs in our name.

That figure is not to mention the time and money he spent in court hours, staff hours and the personal attention DeWine gave the case.

For his effort, the U.S. Supreme Court in June handed DeWine a righteous and swift kick to the back of the pants, ruling against him in the landmark Obergefell v. Hodges case 5-4, thereby ensuring marriage equality throughout America.

From Justice Anthony Kennedy, […]

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The math for next year’s 2016 presidential election works well for Democrats. The only problem, as past elections have shown, is that while Democrats outnumber Republican voters, they vote less often, especially in off-year elections.

But that old news may have a new narrative going forward, in Ohio and nationally. Last week, the Ohio Democratic Party did a little crowing of its own for a change in the wake of results from Election Day just concluded. ODP Chairman David Pepper ticked off the many races Democrats won, which include mayors in the five largest cities in the state and […]

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A detailed assessment of Gov. John Kasich by conservative policy group Heritage Action America flies of the face of the sweet, positive narrative Camp Kasich has been feeding to Ohio’s starry eyed reporters still in the tank for their governor.

For the fourth Republican presidential debate, this one to take place in Wisconsin Tuesday, Chris Christie and Mike Huckabee won’t be in the main event, but Gov. Kasich will be. At a meeting with the Seacoast Media Group [SMG] editorial board last Thursday, Mr. Kasich covered all his familiar presidential talking points. What got press in New Hampshire, where he can’t […]

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