In the second Democratic debate held last Friday at Drake University in Iowa, Hillary Clinton played defense for part of the evening, mostly over her vote to go to war in Iraq under President George W. Bush and for her ties to Wall Street.

By the end of the debate with Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley, a poll conducted by CBS, which hosted the event, showed the former secretary of state, whose husband won back-to-back terms in the White House, was judged the winner.

In the race for the Democratic nomination for president, Mrs. Clinton enjoys a large lead over Sen. Sanders among Democrats and left-leaning independents nationally. Mr. O’Malley received just 4 percent of the vote.

In the new , former First Lady and and U.S. Senator from the State of New York leads Mr. Sanders, 57 percent to 35 percent.

Obergefell Is ‘Ready for Hillary’

One Ohioan whose name won’t be immediately familiar to most Americans but whose name is on the landmark decision by the U.S. Supreme Court earlier this year to make gay marriage legal across all states, Jim Obergefell endorsed Hillary Clinton Monday. He cited her commitment to fighting discrimination in the LGBT community. In en email, Clinton’s campaign blasted the news of Obergefell was now on-board her presidential campaign.

“We have fought to not only change laws, but to change hearts, and now we need a President who will help us fight to eliminate the injustices that occur regularly in our community, and the best person to do that is Hillary Clinton,” Mr. Obergefell said in prepared remarks.

“Hillary is a proven leader who will not only ensure that states are implementing marriage equality, but will work to end discrimination in our community whether it’s by passing the Equality Act or through state measures,” he said, adding, “I refuse to let Republicans undo the progress that we’ve made, and that is why we need Hillary Clinton in the White House because she will be by our side as we break down barriers and finally reach full equality for all.”

The addition of Jim Obergefell to the growing list of Clinton endorsers underscores how powerful her candidacy has been to Democrats and independents, and to Republicans like Ohio Gov. John Kasich who think they have a shot at beating her, if they can withstand the demolition derby called the Republican primary process, which so far is favoring non-traditional candidates like Donald Trump, Dr. Ben Carson and former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina.

According to reporting by FiveThirtyEight, a political calculus website dedicated to analyzing election statistics over the decades, Hillary Clinton already has 71 percent of all possible endorsement points on the Democratic side. FiveThirtyEight say its tracks the endorsements of members of Congress and governors because they are highly correlated with the outcome of the primary. “Clinton has amassed a higher share of intra-party support before the Iowa caucuses than any presidential candidate since 1980, as far back as our data goes,” Harry Enten wrote.

A resident of Ohio, Obergefell married John Arthur in Maryland in 2013. After losing his husband, the state of Ohio refused to acknowledge Obergefell as a surviving spouse on Arthur’s death certificate. This resulted in his case going to the Supreme Court, which asked whether under the constitution states have to issue, authorize and recognize same sex marriages under the 14th amendment. On June 26, 2015, he prevailed and the Supreme Court ruled marriage equality a constitutional right.

“Jim made history and changed America for the better by fighting for marriage equality all the way to the Supreme Court,” Mrs. Clinton said today. “There are still too many places where LGBT Americans are targeted for harassment and violence, and there are too many young people who are uncertain and scared of what their future might hold. Right now in America, you can get married on Saturday and be fired from your job on Monday just because of who you love. I see the injustices that are happening in our country, and that is why I’m committed to working with Jim and others to end discrimination against the LGBT community once and for all.”

Kasich Opposes Same-Sex Marriage, Gay Adoption

Meanwhile, campaigning again in New Hampshire, where he’s trying to dig himself out of the hole he finds himself in with Republican voters nationally and in nearly all early primary states, Ohio’s angry governor showed he clearly has not learned from his stumbles so far as he vowed to keep being doing what he’s doing.

“I think you’ve all figured out by now I don’t do a lot of suck up,” Kasich told the media, according to reports. “I kind of tell things the way I see them. I love this process because you have 1.3 million very informed, smart people and it is condensed but the process is like an X-Ray machine … people here question you.”

It’s no secret why Jim Obergefell would endorse Hillary Clinton over John Kasich. A look at Gov. Kasich on the issues finds his support for same sex marriage is dismal and disheartening. According to his record, and Ohio’s governor always instructs everyone to look at his record to understand what he’ll do if elected president, John Kasich is no fan of Mr. Obegefell’s lifestyle, personal choices or causes.

According to Human Rights Campaign, during his time in Congress and Governor of Ohio for nearly six years, Mr. Kasich has opposed marriage equality, basic domestic and partner benefits for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender couples.

On same-sex marriage, the former Wall Street banker said he does not support the LGBT “lifestyle.” Gov. Kasich, a former 18-year congressman, also opposed efforts to grant basic domestic partner benefits and voted for the Defense of Marriage Act. He supported Ohio’s ban on same-sex marriage until it was overturned by the court’s ruling.

Following his election as governor in 2010, he signed an executive order banning discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation for state employees, but it was weaker than the previous executive order signed by his predecessor Ted Strickland, because it omitted protections for gender identity.

As for adoption, the former Fox News political talk show host voted against allowing funding for LGBT couples in the District of Columbia to adopt. Now, as governor, he prevented LGBT couples from obtaining birth certificates for their children.