From the daily archives: Wednesday, November 18, 2015

For the Republican candidate who keeps telling everyone he’s the “adult” in the room, yet whose behavior shows just the opposite, being ridiculed as a “useful idiot” doesn’t bode well for his narrative that he alone has the experience and leadership to bring America together.

“Too bad: John Kasich, the Republican presidential aspirant who seemed comparatively sane, turns out to be as loony as any of his companions on the GOP debate stage – perhaps even loonier,” Joe Conason wrote at The National Memo Wednesday.

At Gawker, Hamilton Nolan made Gov. Kasich look ridiculous and foolish. “Using beams, […]

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Ohio Gov. John Kasich loves to think about New Hampshire as a political Cape Canaveral that can launch a candidate like himself into presidential orbit.

That may be the case for Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz, but maybe not for Gov. Kasich, who now thinks he deserves to host Saturday Night Live, based on a bogus equal opportunity argument pinned to Donald Trump’s second hosting of the popular late night comedy show.

Kasich Tied With Jeb! For 5th Place In NH

A WBUR poll out Wednesday taken recently of 405 likely Granite State voters shows to the chagrin of […]

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In the second Democratic debate held last Friday at Drake University in Iowa, Hillary Clinton played defense for part of the evening, mostly over her vote to go to war in Iraq under President George W. Bush and for her ties to Wall Street.

By the end of the debate with Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley, a poll conducted by CBS, which hosted the event, showed the former secretary of state, whose husband won back-to-back terms in the White House, was judged the winner.

In the race for the Democratic nomination for president, Mrs. […]

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