From the daily archives: Monday, November 16, 2015

House Bill 212 will get its first hearing this week in the Ohio House Education Committee now led by controversial chairman Andrew Brenner.  HB 212 was introduced last May by Andrew Thompson (R) who is best known for being both extremely conservative (i.e., Tea Party), but also for his extreme anti-Common Core stance which appealed to many parents and educators alike.

Thompson’s House Bill 212 includes many provisions that propose to change testing and curriculum in Ohio, though the majority of these provisions were already addressed when PARCC was eliminated and curriculum changes dictated this past summer in Ohio’s Budget […]

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Party animal that I am, my Saturday night was spent listening to the Democratic Presidential debate while reading history on the friendship between Henry Adams and John Hay. Born to be wild.

My reading put me in the mind of statesmanship, and U.S. history, and I noted that the three Democrats on stage all displayed substantially thicker Presidential timber than anything offered by the termite-infested woodcraft on the GOP stage.

Sometime around mid-summer, I decided that if anything remained of the Republican Party’s collective brain after 35 years of deformation by obvious parasitic infection, they might do well to select Florida U.S. […]

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