From the daily archives: Monday, November 9, 2015


In a flood of news stories during the last year, we’ve learned that as many as 16 million autos may be subject to recall due to defective air bags supplied by the Takata Corporation.  After reading this and other stories about recalls in the automotive manufacturing and parts sector, including a huge mess with storied German automaker Volkswagen, where more than 8 million vehicles in Europe alone are subject to recall, that got me thinking on the topic of other headlines detailing problems recently in another industry.

Here are some examples of problems in that other, non-automotive, […]

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In April of 2014, Rush Limbaugh responded to CBS hiring Stephen Colbert with alarm. “CBS has just declared war on the heartland of America,” said Limbaugh, the reigning champion of conservative radio in America, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

To replace the aging David Letterman, CBS peered into the future and picked Colbert, whose uber-conservative, fake persona on the Comedy Channel, brilliant in content and execution, won him top honors and made the show late-night candy for political junkies.

War On The Heartland

Rushbo knew what was coming, now that Colbert didn’t have to play-act at being a hyperventilating […]

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