From the daily archives: Tuesday, November 3, 2015

John Kasich is flailing.

He is driven to be more kinetic as a gimicky attention-getter to improve his awful polls. His campaign is selling “limited edition” lapel buttons for $25 each. He is running a lottery for a free trip to Milwaukee for the next Republican debate. There are his for-profit Kasich coffee mugs. But hurry.

To his doubting right-wing hackers who scorn his support of Medicaid, he insists he’s been a conservative all of his life. He invites us to read the Bible , which he reports has a “new part” and an “old part” to define his […]

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They’re certainly going after their mileage with the ginned up Planned Parenthood controversy.

Ohio state representatives Robert McColley and Kyle Koehler are asking their colleagues to co-sponsor a “proper disposal of product of conception” bill.

Throughout the 300-word letter, McColley and Koehler assiduously avoid the term “fetus.”

We will soon be introducing legislation that seeks to promote and protect the dignity of the unborn through proper burial or cremation and strengthen Ohio’s laws on informed consent.

I can only imagine what garish provisions they have in mind for “strengthening” Ohio’s laws on informed consent.

Currently, Ohio Revised Code prohibits the […]

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