I received an email yesterday from Republican Bill Todd, former candidate for Columbus Mayor and lawyer for some of the Right’s worst actors.

Titled “Dinner Sunday with Zach Scott?”,  the email was an invitation to a fundraiser for a group trying to change the structure of Columbus City Council.

“I will be co-hosting this event with candidates Sheriff Zach Scott…,” writes Todd.  “This is a private event and space is limited so please let us know if you are able to attend.”

Zach Scott, a Democrat, is running in the non-partisan race for Columbus Mayor against fellow (endorsed) Democrat Andrew Ginther, current president of Columbus City Council.

Needless to say, it seemed kind of weird to see an email promoting an event with Zach Scott from Bill Todd, the guy who defended John McCain after he distributed illegal ballots in Ohio during his presidential run, the guy who defended  anti-womens’ rights groups, the guy who defended  Payday lenders.

This is the same Bill Todd who defended White Hat Charter School Mogul David Brennan after he illegally contributed millions of dollars to Republican candidates in Ohio and nationally.

Then again, maybe it’s not so weird.

According to Zach Scott’s campaign finance report, Scott received $25,000 from the William Lager, the sketchy owner of ECOT and a bunch of other for-profit education businesses who, like Brennan, regularly exchange campaign donations to Republicans for millions in state contracts.

And Lager isn’t the only huge Republican donor on Scott’s list.

Scott received almost 20% of his contributions from the Sketos family.  Builder/Developer George Sketos, along with his wife and kids, have given over $140,000 to Republicans in Ohio since 2000, including  $97,131 to John Kasich, $12,000 to Mike Dewine and $30,000 to the Republican State Central Committee Fund.

Scott also received $20,000 from Ginny Ragan, a huge Republican donor who has contributed over $1.3 Million to Republican candidates in Ohio since 2000.

The 2015 election for Columbus mayor will take place on Tuesday, November 3rd.


  • jr6020

    Ginther is a wheeler-dealer who has his own corporate cronies. Both mayoral candidates and most of the council candidates are beholden to the Titans who have been in charge of this county for decades. Wexner bought off the Mayor and city council with campaign funds (and threats to truck in his own water) to keep his fiefdom out of the CPS back in the 80s. The current council steered a contact to that fat, indicted lobbyist working for some red light camera outfit. Ginther may or not be as beholden to these bigwigs as Scott. It doesn’t really matter..the only interests that will always be served are those of the titans and their fat, greedy lobbyists…

  • PeaceThruNoParties

    First of all, it’s Skestos, not Sketos. Second, I don’t see you mentioning the $20,000 Kasich’s buddy Mark Kvamme gave Ginther.

    I’m all for exposing who donates to whom but you’re hardly being honest or impartial about it.

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