You have to hand it to Fox News. It will always find a way to bring home the bacon.

In this instance, it’s really bacon. Rushing to shield the bacon and red meat industry from a report by the World Health Organization that these things aren’t that good for you, Dana Perino, Dubya’s former White House Press secretary, led her colleagues as co-host of “The Five” on a rip-roaring laugh-in as several chomped on bacon strips. Ha. Ha.

Perino is such a climate-change denier that she maintained the WHO report was a sinister plot to link global warming to consumption of animal meat. Ha. Ha. More crackling sounds of bacon-chomping as her fun-filled teammates literally rolled off their chairs. Ha. Ha.

As Media Matters reported, Perino explained the conspiracy: “Climate change. Global warming. This is all – there’s a big push against any sort of animal consumption.” Ha. Ha.

For such Fox-inspired nonsense, Dana may find more pork in her next paycheck. And that’s no joke.

  • Susan Riley

    Thank you Dana Perino and FOX News. Please continue to encourage your viewers to eat bacon and other processed meats. Encourage them to partake several times a day, every day – if for no other reason than to ‘stick it’ to the Democrats. . . . . (Won’t it be wonderful when all the Foxians are too sick to be able to vote? Or better yet, when they have left this world altogether and are in that big fox den in the sky?)

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