You’d think that with the whirlwind surrounding the Republican fuss over a new House Speaker that the party people would have come up with a compromise by now to get on with their golf games.

We have, however, heard of one proposal that a faction has drawn up that will not please any of the clear-headed others and for that reason could work. According to my source, a good listener at House water coolers, the plan would have alternating speakers divided equally among three groups of representatives and classified as “Crazy”, “Crazier” and “Craziest.” Each would take turns serving as Speaker of the Month, and then beginning the process all over again.

“But that’s making a mockery of madness,” I said.

“True,” the source said. “But madness also suggests genius and power,” he said. “Mad Anthony Wayne, for example, was one of George Washington’s guys and even got a medal for defeating the Brits at Stony Point . And you may recall from the movie that Mad Max committed himself as a social reformer fighting the evil that was rotting mankind. Isn’t that what even the craziest Republicans are all about?”

No sense arguing. The guy is nuts.