The match-up between Gov. John Kasich and the International Order of Odd Fellows, Webster Lodge, in Goffstown, New Hampshire couldn’t have been more perfect  The low-polling, term-limited Buckeye State chief executive has slipped in recent New Hampshire polling and fares second tier at best in other early 2016 primary states like Iowa, Nevada and South Carolina.

Betting his presidential ranch on doing well in the Granite State, where finishing lower than third signals a trip to the showers, he told his crowd of Off Fellows that Hillary Clinton is “making a lot of outrageous statements” that “ignore reality.”

Kasich Says He’s A Snake

The 63-year-old, two-term Governor of Ohio, who tried and failed in 2000 to capture the attention of the Republican Party, lashed out at Hillary Clinton, the Democratic frontrunner. “I’m not going to hand her a club to beat me over the head with … or to get herself elected by tearing me down when she’s ignoring the reality,” he said, the Union Leader reported.

“The Scripture says, ‘Wise is the serpent.’ I’m going to be pretty wise about how I talk about (various issues.).” Mr. Kasich has made a standard part of his political showmanship and salesmanship his well-known penchant for intertwining Bible babble with his notions about the private and public sectors. Speaking in riddles, making it all perfectly murky, is basic Kasich.

Mr. Kasich, whose financial holdings based on released documents show he’s worth upwards of $22 million, showed his unintended skills in demeaning Hispanics, who often hold low-paying service worker jobs, when he attempted to spotlight Hispanics’ contributions to the economy. “A lot of them do jobs that they’re willing to do and, uh, that’s why in the hotel you leave a little tip,” he said, according to CNN.

Hayek Backs Hillary

For Mrs. Clinton, her relationship with the growing, powerful force of Hispanic voters got a big boost when award-winning actress, producer, and activist Salma Hayek said she’s on-board for Latinos for Hillary. Hayek and her group are confronting the Republican Party and candidates like John Kasich, calling them out for being irresponsible and using unfounded and insulting accusations against the Latino community to win votes.

“We cannot let hate and discrimination determine the outcome of this election,” Ms. Hayek said in an email blast. “We owe it to the hard-working Latinos that came before us, to ourselves, and to our children, to show the people who unfairly label us as criminals and speak down to us that our community is strong, meaningful, and incredibly powerful.”

As one of the largest, youngest, and fastest-growing groups in the United States of America, Latinos for Hillary, Hayek said, “deserve a candidate who respects the contributions we have made to this country and understands how important it is that our community continues to thrive, all while treating us con dignidad y respeto.”

 Hispanic News Media Drops Kasich Debate Coverage

Based on reporting by Kalev Leetaru, a contributor to Forbes Magazine who writes about the “broad intersection of data and society,” some GOP candidates got some of their comments picked up by Hispanic-oriented media, including powerhouses like Telemundo and Univision while others were left out in the cold.

Leetaru engaged in an “audio fingerprinting technology” experiment with the help of the Laboratory for the Recognition and Organization of Speech and Audio at Columbia University to scan major U.S. and international television networks covering the week following the August 6, 2015 first Republican debate and identify every time a soundbite from the debate was broadcast on another television show.

Following the first GOP debate in early August in Cleveland, Ohio, only six candidates were picked up by Telemundo and Gov. Kasich wasn’t one of them. Donald Trump [27.8%] lead the pack with Jeb! Bush [22.2%], Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz [16.7%] following. Gov. Kasich was no where to be seen in media directed toward a Hispanic audience.

Univision, another media source directed at Hispanics, also did not include any Kasich comments in its GOP debate coverage. In descending order, Trump, Rubio, Bush, Cruz, Christie and Paul were the featured politicos.

Hillary Leads Dems

As Gov. Kasich looks for any opportunity to make his own outrageous statements, of which there are too many to include in this piece, he might think twice about what he wishes for. According to a new poll by Public Policy Polling, Hillary Clinton leads the Democratic race with 42 percent to 24 percent for Sen. Bernie Sanders. Vice President Joe Biden registers 20 percent while Jim Webb, Lincoln Chafee and Martin O’Malley can do no better than one percent.

Among Biden voters, 44 percent say Clinton would be their second choice to only 21 percent who say Sanders would be. “If Biden doesn’t get in and you reallocate his backers to their second choice, Clinton leads Sanders 51 to 28 percent, the poll shows.