Did you happen to get a look at Wednesday Night Live? The Republican debate, I mean. Eleven characters in search of love and respect, most of whom were acting like playground bullies piling on this Donald Trump fellow as if he were the churlish intruder who burst onto their turf.

If you missed it, you may want to know that Gov. Kasich complained that many viewers would turn off their TVs. (The friendly Plain Dealer noted that he had fulfilled his game plan of rising above the fray. )

The most fashionable line of this dress rehearsal began “I am the only candidate of this stage who…” without convincingly suggesting that he was the only candidate on the stage who…

Flamboyant as ever, Trump insisted on boasting to the millions of the underclass that he was a rich man and the only candidate on the stage who could save America. Others boasted they would return America to greatness once they rid America of birthright babies and ISIS grandmothers. (Have you ever witnessed so much damning talk of the country that Ronald Reagan is supposed to have built in a mere morning in America?)

The dreadful targets of much of the bleating were President Obama, Obamacare, illegal immigrants (the issue du jour), Planned Parenthood, taxes and Obama’s lack of leadership in grabbing the globe by the French Alps and demanding total servility to Pax Americana.

Trump did say he would show Putin who was boss and made so many other boasts that left me on edge to hear about the time he played Mozart at Carnegie Hall in a military uniform. It was during his turns that I missed Rick Perry.

It was Carly Fiorina, assuming the role of a furious Tugboat Annie against a tide of squid, who engendered the debate with endless statistics about how she saved Hewlett Packard before she was fired for bad judgment. Whether by mean-spirited design or economic necessity, HP rained on her parade Wednesday by announcing 30,000 layoffs.

Oh, Jeb! seemed to be particularly annoyed by Trump’s aspersion of Mexicans. And Kasich did take credit for his triumphant historical resume dating back to the landing of the Puritans.

Remember folks: The election is nearly 14 months away and we’re going to have to put up with this gang running around the country in their King Kong modes with incomplete prescriptions of how to solve every problem that Obama was leaving behind.