From the daily archives: Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A new CBS News-New York Times national Republican poll shows that Donald Trump, the bombastic billionaire from New York City, maintains a commanding lead over all other Republican rivals with the exception of one. Ben Carson, a one-time neurosurgeon and the only African-American in the GOP race for president, jumped considerably as he now holds second place to Mr. Trump.

For the rest of the Republicans, it’s sad news indeed about how low they rank when compared to Trump and Carson. When asked which one of the Republican candidates they would like to see the Republican Party nominate for […]

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The Ohio Supreme Court ruled today that giant charter school operator White Hat Management can continue to “take possession of the assets of charter schools — assets purchased with public money — and then charge the public to buy them back.”  Not surprisingly, the justices that voted in favor of White Hat have received huge campaign contributions from White Hat’s owner.

The ABJ sums up the background story quite well:

The court ruled in favor of White Hat, one of the largest for-profit school management companies in the country, against 10 of its former Hope academies and Life Skills Centers, […]

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