According the Keene Sentinel, Ohio Gov. John Kasich was scheduled to attend four events in New Hampshire on Saturday, including the College Republicans summit in Manchester, an afternoon town hall at the Iber Holmes Gove Middle School in Raymond followed by the chili fest in Stratham and the beer and barbecue bash in Dover.

While Gov. Kasich was retail campaigning in a small state where he’s spent millions to promote himself to people who don’t know him, back home in Columbus, where he and his record are well known, the Ohio Democratic Party’s executive committee met and adopted a resolution calling for an independent investigation into the growing charter school data scrubbing scandal.

Dubbed Chartergate, it’s the scandal waiting to crack open and spill all over the governor’s just pressed, positive-vision campaign for president. It’s the scandal Mr. Kasich has so far avoided answering questions about.  It’s the scandal that involves actions taken by David Hansen, the governor’s school choice chief at the Ohio Department of Education, who illegally altered data on an official state report in order to improve the rankings of some large charter school sponsors and operators.

Red flags are flying high since David Hansen’s wife just happens to be Beth Hansen, Gov. Kasich’s current presidential campaign manager and former chief of staff.

Mr. Hansen. who had a history of similar activities before Gov. Kasich hired him, resigned in mid-July after his illegal activity was forced into the light by some members of the state school board who called on him to respond to questions.

Beth Hansen has so far refused to comment on whether she or Governor Kasich were aware of her husband’s illegal activities.

“Ohioans remember Coingate — Chartergate is worse than Coingate,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper in prepared remarks following the meeting. Pepper said Ohio’s for-profit charter school system, which costs taxpayers $1 billion this budget cycle, is full of waste, fraud and abuse. “Worst of all, it has been failing our kids and leaving many of them in educational limbo,” he added. ODP also gave its support to the “vigilant efforts of Democratic legislators and state school board members to take the necessary steps to fix this long-broken system.”

Every major editorial board in Ohio has also condemned the scandal and called for an independent investigation.

  • MKTG

    Yay, now go after JobsOhio—JobsOhiogate doesn’t have the same ring to it, but that Kasich entity has robbed Ohio of more money than Chartergate with its steady stream of income from liquor sales and has also defied constitutional and financial inquisitions. How much current and past board members have/are paid, how much money was spent on the offices and computer system in contrast to jobs actually brought into Ohio (and, if I recall it was heralded as a means with which Ohio would own part of the company; oh, and the Omnicare shuffle doesn’t count) should make for some interesting reading for voters wishing to learn more about him.

  • Peggy Cooley

    I totally agree with you; JobsOhio needs to be investigated. The privitzation of prisons needs to be investigated. The Director of the Health Transformation Dept, Greg Moody needs to be investigated. The Director of the Ohio Department of Medicaid,John McCarthy, needs to be investigated. The Director of the Ohio Health Dept needs to be investigated …..

  • Spitfiremk1

    Even if they were investigated, (and that’s a BIG “if”) I really doubt that they have a balance sheet or income statement that could be deciphered. These are the top of the line people at hiding assets; they probably spend more cash on donuts and coffee than creating jobs.

    The above not withstanding, I agree that ALL public funds should be (and before Kasich were) subject to public oversight. The time to act for the ODP was six years ago. Unfortunately, the GOP has been in charge and willing dupes to the “Kasich Busness Model”.

  • MKTG

    Agreed! However, 2016 voters need to know (he won’t have the Columbus Disgrace spinning Kasichlore); there are lots of other hats in the ring for those who wish to vote that party line.

  • MKTG

    Good point! It’s the huge amount and steady flow of public money generated through liquor sales that’s gushing down the rabbit hole and the “lack of transparency” of how it’s spent–very Nixonian.

  • Spitfiremk1

    When you’re right, you are right!

  • Red Rover

    The Kasich administration has so many things swept under the rug that it’s getting hard to stand here. No wonder Kasich’s spent so much time in NH.

  • Chris Kringel

    Ohioans against Ohio; the democratic party

  • Christine Springer

    I’d laugh to see him led off the debate stage in HANDCUFFS 🙂

  • MKTG

    Maybe Ohiogate says it all !!
    We just got back from a trip to northern Michigan and we were quite surprised at the economic rebound, progressive use of energy (wind generator farms and use of solar panels on street lights), protection of natural resources (Lake Michigan is beautiful and clean), etc. — not so in Ohio.

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