Plunderbund recently broke the story that David Hansen, John Kasich’s disgraced school choice chief, was being considered for a job to co-head the Franklin County early voting center. ProgressOhio reported yesterday that Republican members of the Franklin County BOE are no longer considering Hansen for the gig.  Given what we know about Hansen’s unethical and likely-illegal pattern of behavior, this is probably for the best.

According to Ben Piscitelli, spokesman for the Franklin County Board of Elections, Hansen worked for the BOE on two previous occasions.  Hansen was hired in 2009 as manager of administrative services in our fiscal department and would have been responsible for ordering office supplies and scheduling maintenance of office equipment,” wrote Piscitelli in a recent email response to PB Reporter John Spinelli.  “He returned to the board of elections as supervisor of voter services in 2013 and  help managed full and part time employees responsible for maintaining voter registration records.”

Earlier this year Hansen was forced out of his job as Kasich’s school choice chief after it was revealed that he intentionally and illegally altered data in an official state report.  Hansen’s data scrubbing improved the rankings of many Ohio charters schools, including some operated by large Kasich donors.

Hansen’s tampering was confirmed in a release of public records by the Ohio Department of Education. We have made all of the documents available here.

Hansen already had a history of altering data when he was hired by Kasich’s education department.  While at the Buckeye Institute, Hansen was caught intentionally altering data in a report to favor many of the same charter schools.  Similarly, large charter school operators, like White Hat’s David Brennan, were funding Hansen’s “research.”

David Hansen is the husband of Beth Hansen, John Kasich’s chief of staff.