Plunderbund has heard from multiple sources that Republicans on the Franklin County Board of Elections (BOE) have discussed hiring David Hansen, John Kasich’s disgraced school choice chief, to run the county’s early voting center. The voting center is co-run by one Republican employee and one picked by the Democrats on the BOE.

Hansen was forced to resign from his position with the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) in mid-July after it was revealed that he illegally altered data on an official state report in order to improve the rankings of some large charter school sponsors and operators.  The illegal tampering was confirmed in a release of public records by the Ohio Department of Education. We have made all of the documents available here.

Hansen already had a history of altering data when he was hired by Kasich’s education department in August, 2013.  The earlier incident, recently discussed by the Conservative website Breitbart News, also involved Hansen altering charter school data to improve the apparent performance of many of the same charter school organizations when Hansen was head of the Buckeye Institute.

It should come as no surprise that some of the groups whose scores were altered on the ODE report also happen to be large Republican campaign donors.  The family of White Hat’s David Brennan, for example, have given nearly $100,000 to Ohio Governor John Kasich.   And Brennan’s schools – also unsurprisingly –  benefited by the altered data in Hansen’s earlier falsified report.  During the same time period, Brennan was providing tens of thousands of dollars in funding to the Buckeye Institute.

A few more interesting facts:

  • Hansen worked for the Franklin County BOE prior to taking Kasich’s offer to run the office of school choice for the Ohio Department of Education.
  • According to a board meeting transcripts, he was hired by the Franklin County BOE on January 10th, 2013 as a supervisor in the Voter Services Department making around $28/hour.
  • David Hansen is married to Beth Hansen, John Kasich’s campaign manager.
  • The next Franklin County BOE meeting will be held at 3:00PM on Monday, September 14, 2015 at the Franklin County (Early) Voting Center: 1700 Morse Rd Columbus, OH 43229.


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