Reporter:  Governor, there are growing reports about a serious charter school scandal involving David Hansen, your school choice director and  husband of Beth Hansen, your campaign manager.  What can you tell us about it?

Kasich:  Look, I’m a blue collar guy whose father was a mailman in western Pennsylvania.

Reporter: But with all due respect, governor, a lot of Ohioans back home are concerned about the doctoring of charter school grades  to make a school’s performance look better than it was…

Kasich:  Hey, fellow.  I’m running for president and I wouldn’t be running if I didn’t
love my country. The issue is not on my agenda.  Besides, my father was a mailman..

Reporter:  But, sir, You have long defended charter schools but  insist you want more transparency.    Your opponents—

Kasich:  — My opponents are idiots like the wackadoodles in California.

Reporter:  Are you saying that you are not concerned  that your campaign manager is the wife of your school choice man who just resigned?

Kasich:  The Lord told me not to worry about it.

Reporter:  The state spends  a billion dollars on charters  and you are telling us there’s nothing to be concerned about?

Kasich:  If there are no further dumb questions, I simply want you to know that my father was a mailman and when I get to the pearly gates the Lord will know what I did for my poor out-of-work cronies.  Poor cronies are people, too, who are nothing like those idiot school teachers who spend most of their time lounging.

Reporter:  Thank you, governor.

Kasich:  Any time.