From the daily archives: Saturday, September 5, 2015

Reporter:  Governor, there are growing reports about a serious charter school scandal involving David Hansen, your school choice director and  husband of Beth Hansen, your campaign manager.  What can you tell us about it?

Kasich:  Look, I’m a blue collar guy whose father was a mailman in western Pennsylvania.

Reporter: But with all due respect, governor, a lot of Ohioans back home are concerned about the doctoring of charter school grades  to make a school’s performance look better than it was…

Kasich:  Hey, fellow.  I’m running for president and I wouldn’t be running if I didn’t
love my country. The issue is […]

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Documents released on Thursday confirm that David Hansen, John Kasich’s former school choice chief, intentionally altered data about charter schools on a state report in order to improve the rankings of some large charter school sponsors- some of whom are big campaign donors to John Kasich and other Ohio Republicans.    The records show that other Ohio Department of Education staff warned Hansen that doing so might be illegal.

Hansen, husband of Beth Hansen, John Kasich’s chief of staff, had previously been caught altering data to improve charter school rankings when he worked at the Buckeye Institute.  Like John Kasich, […]

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