Ohioans who have followed John Kasich’s long and lucrative career as a performance politician have spent years listening to the glib governor say one thing while his record of accomplishments shows something quite different.  Often times his dysfunctional and nonsensical rhetoric is good for a laugh.  Sometimes it gets quite disconcerting.

Such was the case recently when, at an education forum in Gov. Kasich’s adopted state of New Hampshire, Ohio’s twice-elected governor attacked public teachers for spending too much time in the teachers’ lounge.

To demonstrate that Kasich’s comments didn’t just offend Ohio public school teachers for being both outrageous and ignorant, a letter to the editor of Valley News, in West Lebanon, NH, lambasted Mr. Kasich for his mean and snarky comments..

Read if you will what Skip Chalker, President, Mascoma Valley Regional Education Association, had to say about Gov. Kasich’s off-putting remarks and uninformed beliefs on those who dedicate their lives to educating children:

To the Editor:

In this “Trumpian” election cycle, in which the winner may be the person who can say the boldest, meanest and, usually, the most incomprehensibly stupid thing possible, Gov. John Kasich tossed his tongue into the ring in a comment he made in a forum on education.

According to Gov. Kasich, the problem with education is that teachers, when not in class, spend their time sitting in fancy teachers lounges discussing low pay and vanishing benefits. Although he couldn’t say how he could solve that problem as president, he did give a glimpse of his higher aspirations. “If I were king in America, I would abolish all teachers lounges,” he announced

Kasich would make a horrible king. Any tyrant worth his scepter knows that just getting rid of the gathering place won’t stop complaints. The peasants will gather in the parking lot, and how are you going to abolish parking lots?

I don’t believe Kasich has ever been in a teachers lounge. Most of the discussions I’ve experienced in teachers rooms (I’ve never worked anywhere where the room could legitimately be referred to as a lounge) have revolved around classes, students or life outside of school. I doubt he would find any more complaining than would be found at the water cooler at his campaign headquarters.

Kasich doesn’t seem to understand that teachers are generally pretty selfless. We all went into teaching knowing that we weren’t going to get rich doing it. Would we like to be paid more? Of course. Would we prefer not to have to worry about losing benefits that were promised when we took the job? Of course. Are pay and benefits the primary reasons that we became teachers? No.

This all really points to a bigger problem with politics in America. It is a sad commentary that Gov. Kasich, like many of the people who run for office, doesn’t understand that not everybody is primarily motivated by self-interest.