Does it sound suspicious that Gov. John Kasich’s pick to head the “Office of Quality School Choice and Funding”, David Hansen, “acted alone,” as one report indicates, when he falsified school data that made for-profit charter schools look better than they are, which kept their state spigot on when it should have been shut off?

Does it sound suspicious that Gov. John Kasich’s pick to run the Employment Relations Board, Terry Casey, acted as a self-proclaimed “self-starter” when he became the central figure in a bare-knuckles political scheme to derail the Libertarian Party of Ohio’s candidate for governor last year to clear John Kasich’s path to a runaway second term?

Keeping Kasich Covered

Does it sound even more suspicious that John Kasich, well known as a micromanager and retaliator to those who cross him, knew nothing about the respective scandals?

As governor, John Kasich was ultimately responsible for hiring Hansen, husband of Beth Hansen, his presidential campaign manager and former chief of staff.  He was also responsible for appointing Casey,  a long-time friend and political operative.

For Terry Casey, his scandal is hiding in plain sight and involves illegalities surrounding state campaign finance laws. For David Hansen, his scandal is alleged by some to be a criminal act.

John Kasich tells everyone as often as he can that he’s a man of strong faith. He even knows what question St. Peter will ask you, and what your answer better be.

Praying For Protection

Being the man of strong faith he says he is, Gov. Kasich is probably doing a lot of praying these days. He’s praying his run for president gets enough traction in New Hampshire next February, when Granite State voters pick among the rodeo of Republican cowboys to be their pick, that he leads the pack if possible but finishes no lower than third at worst.

He’s also praying his Music Man show, where he casts himself as the reasonable, compassionate leader who solves problems by bringing people together so they can have hope again, isn’t unmasked as the flimflam scam it is. He holds his resume out as his bona fides of his bond. He’ll do in the future what he’s done in the past.

HansenGate, CaseyGate: Fatal To Kasich’s Presidential Run

And that’s exactly why he’s praying HansenGate and CaseyGate are important stories that run silent, run deep if Ohio media, with the exception of Plunderbund of course, let them disappear from site so they don’t stink up his campaign for president.

Believing what Hansen did violated state law, seven members of the 19-person board called for an outside investigation into how Hansen chose to leave several F grades for online schools out of evaluations, according to Mediatrackers. Board members have told news sources that Richard Ross, Gov. Kasich’s pick to run Ohio schools, has said his department found no one else involved. One board member, Stephanie Dodd, said Ross told her that he only found out that e-schools weren’t being counted from a published report. Dodd told a reporter she’s “not sure why Ross would allow Hansen to handle the evaluations on his own, without consulting him.”

Chris Christie has BridgeGate, which continues to hang over him, turning his once weighty opportunity to be president into a skinny reflection of itself. John Kasich could have his own duo of politically embarrassing and potentially campaign-ending scandals on his hands if mainstream media would wake up to two current cases that could prove explosive if public records requests made by Plunderbund and several other Buckeye State newspapers are released by Gov. Kasich’s Administration.

For watchers who know well how Team Kasich rolls, black ops, attack politics and deceive-and-move-on tactics is basic Kasich. The man of strong faith is likely also praying that these two cases—David HansenGate and Terry CaseyGate, the former involving falsifying state school data and the latter involving campaign finance law violations that probably lead directly to him—continue to receive limited attention. Media other than Plunderbund has found less important stories more important to cover. What’s rotten in Columbus, and the sudden resignation of the husband of his presidential campaign manger who held a key education position and campaign finance activity alleged as illegal that crashed a candidate for governor’s campaign last year—will surely stink up his presidential campaign.

After raising and spending millions to promote himself in New Hampshire, and partnering with the Lord in one answer at the Republican debate in Cleveland in early August, which bumped up his polling numbers from low- to high-single digits, HansenGate and CaseyGate rising to front page headlines could explode in his face and be very bad indeed at a time when he’s selling himself as a clean-hands governor.

Team Kasich Knows Knock-Out Power Of Public Records

The Kasich Administration is afraid to release records to Plunderbund and several other Ohio newspapers that have made public record requests to see public records involving Hansen and the data falsifying activity he has since resigned over. Doug Livingston, education writers for the Akron Beacon Journal, said his paper, the Cincinnati Enquirer, the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Columbus Dispatch and the Dayton Daily News have submitted formal records requests, and posed simple questions attempting to determine whether Hansen acted alone. Questions have turned into month-long records requests, Livingston noted.

For each Hansen and Casey, creative ways are being sought to insulate Gov. Kasich from their two potentially damaging activities. Trying to sell himself as the up-beat, positive “father knows best” political warrior looking to rise above politics to help the addicted and the afflicted would take a broadside from “HansenGate” and “CaseyGate.”

The Kasich Administration, understanding the damaging impacts of releasing Hansen’s emails would have, are delaying public records requests from Plunderbund and other news sources. It’s natural, therefore, to wonder why the delay in releasing the documents? What they will show, and who they will point to when reviews are performed?

The latest excuse for the delay in producing public records related to David Hansen’s allegedly criminal activity is, according to Livingston, that the Kasich Administration is “working slowly to avoid another mistake.” If reporters and editors believe this lame excuse, then they will also believe that John Kasich is someone other than who he has been over nearly 40 years as a professional performance politician.

Delay, Delay, Delay

Gov. Kasich and his team are clearly flummoxed and scared at the festering boil represented by David Hansen, his selection for school choice director, his pro-charter school data scrubbing while on the job, what his superiors know or didn’t know, his sudden resignation and Gov. Kasich’s desire that no investigation be launched into it that can imperil his run for president.

Team Kasich is buying time to review Hansen’s documents in order to protect the governor from any direct entanglements at all costs. Plunderbund will continue to be the leader in reporting on both Hansen and on Casey, who dodged a bullet when the Ohio Elections Commission voted to not pursue him in a case to derail Charlie Earl, the LPO candidate for governor last year. LPO’s attorney Mark Brown, has appealed the OEC decision to the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas, who will decide whether OEC’s 5-2 vote to dismiss the case is proper or whether it should take up the case again.

Terry Casey called himself a “self-starter,” his reason for what he did last year to make Gov. Kasich’s road to reelection that much smoother by bumping Earl off the ballot. So far, attorney Brown has found that Team Kasich, which includes the Ohio Republican Party, a prominent and powerful Republican law firm, and top officials with the governor’s reelection campaign, spent $600,000, maybe more, on the plan to scuttle Earl’s bid to siphon off votes from Gov. Kasich.