The latest Quinnipiac Poll, released Monday, is a good example of just how schizoid the American political personality has evolved to these days.

Voters in Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania were surveyed on a number of issues, with the findings taking on special significance since no candidate for president since Richard Nixon, in 1960, has been elected without carrying two of the three states. It will be 56 years ago next year that Richard Nixon won Ohio, but lost to John F. Kennedy.

Mish Mash

Now a year and one half away from leaving the White House following winning two national elections, President Obama remarked recently that he thought he could win a third term if allowed by the Constitution. Q-Poll results today say that’s not happening, as voters in these three key swing states generally remain cool to the president. Negative approval ratings of 41 – 56 percent in Florida, 42 – 54 percent in Ohio and 41 – 56 percent in Pennsylvania are also not surprising, given the current political makeup in these states.

Since 2010, Republicans have maintained their firm control in Florida and Ohio of either or both the executive and legislative branches of government. Respectively, 71 – 26 percent in Florida, 72 – 26 percent in Ohio and 74 – 24 percent in Pennsylvania don’t want him to have a third term.

Voters’ approval of the president is down from where it once was, but they still really like his proposal to limit pollution from coal-fired energy plants by 2-1. All other party, gender or age groups supporting the measure, and in Ohio voters, by a lopsided 67 – 27 percent margin, voters would require owners of coal-burning power plants to reduce pollution. Voters say 70 – 24 percent these efforts are needed to clean the air but are divided 43 – 41 percent on whether these efforts will be too expensive. By a 51 – 41 percent margin, Republicans oppose it. Their argument is doing so will cost industry jobs.

The president’s proposed nuclear pact with Iran also isn’t well received at 2-1 against it. Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown is for it as is Ted Strickland, Ohio’s governor before John Kasich who supports it. Rob Portman, whose is expected to face off against Strickland, has opposed it like in step with all Republicans.

Q-Poll ‘Hot Button’ Quickies

  • Voters in each state oppose efforts to cut off federal funding for Planned Parenthood;
  • Majorities in all three states support allowing illegal immigrants to stay, with a path to citizenship;
  • Majorities in each state support sending U.S. ground troops to fight ISIS in Iraq and Syria.
  • Voters oppose the nuclear pact with Iran 58 – 24 percent and say 56 – 26 percent the deal would make the world less safe rather than safer.

Q-Poll Ohio

  • Ohio voters oppose 52 – 40 percent cutting off federal funding for Planned Parenthood.
  • Men oppose a fund cutoff 48 – 43 percent.
  • Women opposed 55 – 38 percent.
  • Republicans support the cutoff 70 – 23 percent.
  • Democrats oppose the cutoff 80 – 12 percent.
  • Independents oppose the cutoff 51 – 41 percent.

Illegal immigration:

  • 52 percent say immigrants should be allowed to stay, with a path to citizenship;
  • 9 percent say immigrants should be allowed to stay, with no path to citizenship;
  • 36 percent say immigrants should be forced to leave.
  • Ohio voters support 51 – 42 percent sending U.S. ground troops to fight ISIS in Syria and Iraq. Men support deployment 57 – 37 percent, with women divided 46 – 46 percent.

Costly War Spending

Peter A. Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll, observed, “Ohio men are less supportive than women of Planned Parenthood and women are less supportive of sending troops to fight ISIS than are Buckeye men.”

There you have it, schizoid America at it’s best. Men don’t understand women and their bodies or Planned Parenthood. Women do understand war and think it’s not worth the loss of life and treasure to wage one.