John Kasich was on CNN yesterday attempting to “clarify” his position on immigration, telling Dana Bash “I don’t favor [a direct path to] citizenship because as I teach my kids, you don’t jump the line to get into a Taylor Swift concert.”

We can’t confirm or dispute the lessons Kasich has taught his daughters about Taylor Swift shows, but we can confirm that it’s been a very long time since Kasich has waited in line for a concert or anything else for that matter.

As far back as 1991 Kasich was using his political connections to get himself backstage at concerts.  In one now-famous incident, Kasich was invited backstage by Dwighht Yokum but then attempted to abuse the privilege by jumping on stage with the Grateful Dead, getting himself kicked out of the event.

Kasich continues to use his influence to avoid lines at concerts to this day.


Linkin Park singer talks to Kasich’s daughters

When Kasich and his wife go to see a U2 show in Chicago, they head straight back stage for a private meeting with Bono.  Same thing with Lady Gaga.

When Kasich gets backstage at a Linkin Park show, he has the singer call his daughters on his flip phone.

Kasich’s wife Karen gets to hang out backstage with Rascal Flats, and just last week she met Jake Owen backstage at the Ohio State Fair.

The Kasich family wait in lines?  Pshaw!

And it’s not just concerts.

Kasich even gets escorted to the front of the line at the BMV, followed by a short stop on the way out to insult some of the regular, line-waiting folks.

John Kasich tried to use a cute personal story about his family to summarize his approach to immigration.  It failed miserably.

Kasich was asked about providing a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants  who came to the U.S. with a dream, worked hard, built families and contributed to local communities.

His answer was about providing a pathway into the Nationwide Arena for a couple of teenagers who really, really, REALLY want to see Taylor Swift.

And we all know the Kasich Family doesn’t wait in lines.

Just ask John’s best friend Bono.