During my time on the State School Board I served on three search committees to find the next State Superintendent of Public Education.

Each time there was a representative of the Governor that served on the committee and that person had just as much input as any other member of the committee.

So now it seems that the Governor is not happy with the make up of the State Board, 11 elected members and 8 appointed members.

So why is the Governor upset? Because 7 State Board members want the Ohio Department of Education and the State Superintendent investigated concerning the “Youngstown Plan” and the Charter School
test scores.

Now the Governor would like an all appointed State Board.

Bad idea – why? One of the roles of a State Board member is that of over sight of the Ohio Department of Education and the State Superintendent, with an all appointed State Board how independent would it be?

The elected members of the Board represent the voters and children in the State of Ohio.

We need to keep those voices of elected members on the State Board because different opinions and ideas is not only good for education, it is also good government!

So, come on Governor you already have the State Superintendent you want, you control State Board leadership and have majority control of the State Board.

Let’s keep our elected State Board members because it is important for us as voters to have a voice at the table!


Deborah Cain is a Retired Educator. She served as a Local Schools Board Member from 2000-2006 and a State School Board Member from 2007-2014. She was State School Board President 2009-2012.