When John Kasich kicked off his presidential campaign at the Ohio State University on July 21st, 2015, he had his priest there to provide spiritual encouragement for the invitation-only event.

Father Kevin Maney, from St. Augustine’s Anglican Church in Westerville, OH, offered up a short and simple invocation that politely but firmly encouraged Jesus to help Kasich “act with courage, boldness and power” during his run for president.

Maney later posted a video of himself delivering the brief prayer on his blog, The Anglican Priest.  A quick review of his blog shows that Maney, Kasich’s spiritual leader, often uses this online forum to bash same sex marriage and to paint advocates of LGBT rights as dangerous Fascists.

In July 2013, Maney had a homophobic meltdown on the blog over a Fox News story discussing a Texas town that wanted to extend anti-discrimination rights to the LGBT community.

“This is what the new fascism looks like,” wrote Maney. “All dressed up under the guise of enlightened tolerance, and its sick influence is growing at an alarming rate. We Christians had better wake up and hear the sound of the jackboots. Otherwise our necks will be under them sooner or later.”

A year earlier, “Father Kevin” freaked out about another Fox News story in which a gay blogger disagreed with a University of Texas study that claimed to show same sex couples made worse parents than opposite sex parents.  The study was debunked by multiple sources, including the American Sociological Organization.

Maney wrote: “This is really troubling and scary stuff. The militant homosexualists, as with any militants, are hell-bent to stifle any dissenting opinion, even opinion based on legitimate research.”

Maney follows up by again comparing the marriage equality movement to Hitler’s Third Reich: “these thought Nazis will resort to anything and if they are successful, we will pay dearly for it.”  He then warns readers to “pay attention to stories like this and be prepared to stand up to these bullies before it is too late… the very foundation of our nation is at stake.”

Since Father Maney seems to have a problem differentiating the Nazis from activists for LGBT rights, here’s a quick primer:

  • LGBT activists are a diverse group of people who work hard each day to make sure all Americans have the same rights, like allowing same-sex spouses to visit their sick or dying partners in the hospital.
  • The Nazis were anti-Semitic, pan-German nationalists who murdered millions of people in their quest for world domination.

John Kasich’s campaign has been pitching their candidate to national voters as a kinder, gentler Conservative.  The kind of guy who doesn’t support marriage equality, but who will go to the wedding of his gay friend.

But this message doesn’t jibe with the writings of Kasich’s own priest, the spiritual leader Kasich chose to help kick off his presidential campaign.

This isn’t the first time Kasich and Maney have worked together:

  • On May 15th, 2015, Kasich appointed Maney to the Advisory Board of the Governor’s Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives.
  • Before that, Maney was with Kasich at the dedication of Ohio’s Holocaust Memorial.
  • And Maney was with Kasich at his first State of the State speech in Steubenville, Ohio on February 7th, 2012.

Doug Preisse shakes hands with Father Kevin Maney after introducing him at Kasich’s presidential campaign kickoff.

A couple of other interesting facts:

  • Father Maney is currently married to his third wife.  Kasich is on his second.
  • At Kasich’s campaign kickoff, Franklin County GOP Chair Doug Preisse, an openly gay Republican who supports marriage equality, introduced Maney.

So does John Kasich agree with his priest?  Does John Kasich believe marriage equality activists are jackbooted Nazis who want to crush the necks of good Christian folk?

hint: Some intrepid reporter could very well steal the day’s news cycle by catching Kasich on film answering that one.