Former Florida State football coach Bobby Bowden once told a player “Son, you’ve got a real good engine but your hands aren’t on the steering wheel.” The same can be said about John Kasich. He rambles, free-associates, preaches and occasionally waves his arms as if he’s signaling semaphore. It’s reasonable to wonder if he will be taken seriously as a presidential candidate even by Republican primary voters. However, his candidacy could cause a scandal in Ohio.

Kasich has better chance of competing for the nomination than conventional wisdom predicts. There are 16 declared candidates. Only several have a genuine chance to be the nominee (Pick your choices.) and none of them stands out. Kasich benefits from that mediocre field and it’s very possible that he could make enough of a in the race to gain traction. If that happens, he will be in trouble.

One wonders about Kasich’s delusional grandiosity. He publicly called a police officer an idiot while being filmed, threatened to run opponents over with a bus and said that those who sued to make JobsOhio transparent will answer to God.   Kasich takes great offense at being challenged by tough questions, something he hasn’t had to face as governor because the Ohio media gives him a pass.

If Kasich breaks out of the presidential pack the national media will press him. That will be confrontational, especially if someone asks him why JobsOhio is so secretive and the media may investigate what exactly JobsOhio is doing. There’s too much taxpayer money being spent surreptitiously to think that no one’s’ stealing any of it. From the start, JobsOhio has been a scandal waiting to happen. If it does, John Richard Kasich will have trouble in Ohio and he will wish he’d thought twice about running for president.


Dick Graham is a politically involved free lance writer in Columbus. By training, he is a lawyer and has discovered that Willie Nelson is right. Life is the continual process of trying to wise up.