The silence of the media lambasters is deafening. Donald Trump got rebuked Saturday when his campaign banned an Iowa newspaper from an event. When Hillary Clinton did it back in June, she, too, took flak for it. What about when Gov. John Kasich does it?

Camp Trump Bans Reporters

The Associated Press reported The Des Moines Register couldn’t get its reporters into a Trump event in the Hawkeye State last week. It appears its reporters were denied credentials to a Trump campaign event in Oskaloosa, Iowa. The newspaper published an editorial last Tuesday calling Trump a “feckless blowhard” who is “unfit to hold office.” Because of that editorial, Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski told the newspaper’s reporters they were being excluded because of the editorial.

Offering a weak explanation versus how newspapers really work, the Register’s editor, Amalie Nash, tried to distinguish the paper’s editorial board as independent of its news reporters and editors. Nash urged Trump’s campaign to “revisit its decision instead of making punitive decisions because we wrote something critical of him,” the AP wrote.

Camp Clinton Bans Reporter

When the current favorite to win the Democratic Party’s primary for president next year, Hillary Rodham Clinton, banned a Daily Mail reporter whose assignment that day included being the national print pool reporter, the Twitterverse glowed. Clinton campaign spokesman Nick Merrill said that the campaign was getting “blowback” from foreign outlets, the Boston Globe reported. It seems foreign outlets have not been granted access to some Clinton events because the campaign wants to give preference to US publications. David Martosko, the reporter in question, was denied access because the campaign said it is trying to follow White House conventions for pooled coverage.

Mr. Martosko used to be the executive editor of the conservative Daily Caller, which is no friend of Mrs. Clinton, her husband and former president, and pretty much any Democratic candidate. To his credit, Mr. Martosko has won numerous national reporting awards, including a 2012 Edward R. Murrow Award award for writing that he shared with another reporter. “We need to rethink it all, maybe for a day … And just cool things off until we can have a discussion.,” Merrill told Martosko, the Globe said.

Camp Kasich Bans Reporter

When John Kasich stopped including me in its media event announcements last summer, then outright denied me press credentials this past February to cover and report on the governor’s fourth off-road State of the State speech in Wilmington, Ohio, the lambsters fell silent. The Twitterverse didn’t glow.

Gov. Kasich has also stonewalled the release of public records requested by Plunderbund that can shed some light on why I’ve become persona nongrata, after steadily covering the governor for about four years, from the summer of his run in 2010 through the spring of last year. It seems, from public records in hand now, the governor’s office interceded to scrub me from a list that was ready to include me.


A missed call from Gov. Kasich’s press secretary, Rob Nichols.

Rob Nichols, who previously threatened me with never talking to the governor if I didn’t recant a comment I made on Pinterest, called me to tell me I wouldn’t be offered press credentials. When I asked why, he said they didn’t want to argue with me, that it wasn’t a press conference and because I wrote for Plunderbund.

When a sitting governor who wants to be president and says he knows how to bring people together decides to ban a legitimate reporter of 15 years, who coincidentally has known him since 1977, from before he became an officeholder, someone ought to ask a question.

John Michael Spinelli is Ohio’s leading independent reporter. He contributes regularly to Plunderbund, the largest and most influential political website in Ohio. For the past couple of years, Plunderbund has been voted the most influential statewide political website in Ohio at The Fix at The Washington Post. Previously, at for five years, Spinelli covered people, politics, government and beyond. He created PoliticalPuzzle and produces “60 Seconds” series video interviews. Spinelli was a credentialed member of the Ohio Statehouse press corps from 2003-2006. Spinelli was the national print pool reporter assigned by Vice President Joe Biden in 2012 to cover a media event in Columbus, Ohio.