At 11 a.m. tomorrow John Kasich will take the stage at The Ohio State University’s Ohio Union to officially declare his candidacy for president of the United States of America.

At 10:05 this evening Kasich’s campaign sent out emails to multiple Ohio State students informing them that they would no longer be allowed to attend the Kasich event.

According to the emails, each student’s “ticket for the July 21st Special Announcement Event in Columbus has been cancelled and is no longer valid for entry.”

And each email ends with a line that says it was paid for by Kasich’s presidential campaign, Kasich For America.

According to Alex Kass, Executive Director at Democratic Voices, at least two current OSU students and two recent OSU graduates received the emails revoking their tickets to the event.


Plunderbund contributor John Michael Spinelli was also denied access to the event by Kasich campaign spokesperson Chris Schrimpf.

A screen shot of one of the emails is included below…