At 11 a.m. tomorrow John Kasich will take the stage at The Ohio State University’s Ohio Union to officially declare his candidacy for president of the United States of America.

At 10:05 this evening Kasich’s campaign sent out emails to multiple Ohio State students informing them that they would no longer be allowed to attend the Kasich event.

According to the emails, each student’s “ticket for the July 21st Special Announcement Event in Columbus has been cancelled and is no longer valid for entry.”

And each email ends with a line that says it was paid for by Kasich’s presidential campaign, Kasich For America.

According to Alex Kass, Executive Director at Democratic Voices, at least two current OSU students and two recent OSU graduates received the emails revoking their tickets to the event.


Plunderbund contributor John Michael Spinelli was also denied access to the event by Kasich campaign spokesperson Chris Schrimpf.

A screen shot of one of the emails is included below…



  • davescottsc

    Your president. Nice of people to self-identify as partisan fringe.

  • davescottsc

    It was a bit late, but the Dispatch did give this story some space, which I’m glad to see.

  • cmdc12

    Not partisan fringe, I have many independent and democratic friends and family members. I did not vote for obama like many other folks because his policies are horrible. Therefore obama is the president, but incapable of being commander and chief.

  • Gene

    John Kasich ‘s committee probably sent out more tickets that they actually intended to honor so as to be sure they had enough people to attend and when they say they had enough people to fill the area, they cut the others off.
    This piece of scum , John Kasich has used Ohio and its people and voting system to get him, and keep in in politics, money and publicity and we fall for this jerk
    Now he only needs the stupid voting public in Ohio to vote for him one more time to give him his last and final shot at glory, fame and eternal fame in the history books.
    He’s a greedy, egotistical, money grubbing, people hating piece of scum who like all the other Rupert Murdock fox Broadcasting, Catholic Zionists uses the Republican party to get elected following the traitors on Fox’s propaganda machine while hiding behind the name Conservative because he knows he is not a republican.
    Now this piece of moral pretending piety and spirituality trash lets it pass when he ‘s called a Republican or a Catholic.knowing it won’t be noticed.
    Your a lying traitorious phony, John Kasich. And you’ll be a lying traitorious President.

  • Tom A. Traut

    A “private” event at a PUBLIC institution, by a PUBLIC official running for the highest PUBLIC office in the land.

  • usjournalist

    like you republicans don’t bash anyone else…HA

  • usjournalist

    Or they don’t want a majority liberal student crowd and minorities appearing on television…because that wouldn’t be an ideal crowd for a giant douche.

  • usjournalist

    Tell me how a place that is like 3 square miles on the inside get’s “overbooked” as these ignorant conservatives are saying. We all know that a mostly liberal student crowd with minorities wouldn’t make an ideal televised presence for another republican, hateful douche.

  • davescottsc

    “Your president” is erroneous and tacky.

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