I see that Gov.Kasich has scheduled five more visits to New Hampshire next week , one short of qualifying him for dual citizenship in that state. That will come.  Among other things, it will permit him to establish residence there to run for governor when his second term expires in Ohio.  It also serves as his Pearly Gates for his presidential campaign until something better comes along.

Speaking of Pearly Gates, it is part of his outburst to the wife of Arizona Diamondbacks owner Ken Kendrick, a wealthy Republican,  at a conference sponsored by the Koch Brothers in California in which she questioned his extension of medicaid.  Harshly referring to her as “lady”, he said the pearly gatekeepers will know what he did for the poor.

And so do the Kochs, who haven’t invited him to another event.  That includes  their star-spangled Defend the American Dream Summit  in Columbus on Aug.  21-22.  The Kochs reportedly were miffed by Kasich’s well known distemper and decided he didn’t belong in their mix for Columbus that features presidential candidates Rick Perry, Jeb! Bush, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio (as well as Ohio Sen. Rob. Portman).