A new online advertising campaign kicked off this week for the Defending The American  Dream Summit to be held in Columbus, Ohio this August.  The event is sponsored by the Koch Brother-funded group Americans For Prosperity (AFP).

The ad campaign features many well-known governors who are running for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016 such as Marco Rubio, Rick Perry and Jeb Bush.

Ohio Governor John Kasich still appears to be off the invitation list, as we first reported back in May.

So why isn’t Ohio Governor Kasich joining top tier presidential candidates like Jeb Bush at an event that will be held only a few blocks from his Downtown Columbus office?

It looks like he is still banned from all Koch Brothers’ events for acting like a jerk to big Republican donor Randy Kendrick, wife of the owner of the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Here are some of the latest ads in the AFP campaign:









  • Hanhnibal

    ‘Bout time that jerk learned that he can’t treat everyone like s—. Nee ner nee ner nee ner.

  • jr6020

    Well, now, its just beginning to start (Kasich’s epoch collapse)…Just waiting to see how the CD reacts when their Golden Boy fails miserably in his futile quest for the GOP nomination. Will they be eating crow? Will they admit his character flaws did him in? Or will they scapegoat his failure onto others?…Schadenfreude, folks, schadenfreude…hehe

  • Mike Horn

    I think we need to be fair here. I am not a supporter (of Kasich or either of the two parties) but let’s give credit where credit is due. Kasich stood apart from the sycophants at this event and spoke his mind and with passion. He was passionate about his stance to expand medicaid to cover the less fortunate and did not back down to the elitists (donors) at the event. It was reported in Politico that 20 “guests” at the event left after this row. He pissed a lot of rich folks off.
    This non-sense about him “acting like a jerk” is way off base. You may say that even a broken clock is right twice a day…but what he did took balls. I am sure it has cost him a ton of donations and other “tea party” support. However, if he plays this correctly it could really pay off. He is painting himself as a conservative centrist and blue-collar guy who shoots from the hip. That is a very popular position with many voters. Just my $0.04.

  • john curry

    The last time the Americans for Prosperity came to town it was at an anti-SB 5 rally held on the steps of the Statehouse where the president of AFP, Timmy (the Teabagger) Phillips, was passing out pro-SB 5 T-shirts on the steps….and he had a difficult time finding anyone who would take those pieces of s#$t. For Timmy, this will seem like a reunion, won’t it?

  • Red Rover

    There’s speaking your mind, and there’s disrespectful. Kasich is the latter.

  • Josh Allen

    He wasn’t being a jerk. He was defending his decision to accept expanded medicaid, which the ultra rich owner of the diamondbacks had a problem with. Good for him. Good for us. Nonetheless, the fact that he is snubbed makes my day.

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