Plunderbund has long been ahead of the curve of national reporters, and at least one Ohio pundit, in broadcasting the fact that Gov. John R. Kasich, at age 63, acts like a 13-year old teenage jerk. He’s not a born-again jerk, no, he’s been jerky most of his life.

Dead Alive In Chicago

Now that the twice elected governor is trying for the second time to fool voters into thinking he has a vision or message that’s good for them or their country, archives of his past jerkiness are there for the asking if lazy media would only look.

It’s part of Kasichlore that Ohio’s 69th governor got himself booted from a Grateful Dead concert in 1991. Now, 21 years later, the Dead are ending their fabulous career with three final shows in Soldier Field in Chicago, where the bands legendary guitarist and major personality, Jerry Garcia, last played his iconic guitar riffs before his death in 1995.

The Dead’s “Fare Thee Well” tour won’t be burdened this time by Ohio’s widely known jerky governor as it was long ago. Rhythm guitarist Bob Weir, bassist Phil Lesh and percussionists Mickey Hart and Bill Kreutzmann can concentrate of giving the farewell concert their fans deserve without fear of an encounter with a hostile, mouthy Kasich who knows his chance to be on a national stage again is coming to a dead end.

On Jun. 21, 1991, then five-term Congressman John Kasich got himself booted offstage at a Dead concert in RFK stadium. “Where Deadhead after Deadhead failed, the clean-cut, buttoned-down, never- confused-with-a-Deadhead congressman also failed,” the AP reported. Dwight Yoakam, the opening act to the Dead, helped Kasich get backstage after allowing him to be onstage during his act. According to reports, Kasich and Yoakam were in a dressing room together for a while, when Kasich asked the country singer’s staff if it was OK to return to the stage. Kasich, the AP reported, said Yoakam’s people told him to go ahead. That didn’t matter to the Dead’s tour manager, Cameron Sears, who then blocked Kasich’s way. Kasich got in an argument with the Dead’s manager that turned into a shouting match when Kasich was told to leave.

“‘I argued with him for a few minutes and then I left. I probably should not have argued with the guy,'” Kasich said, the AP reported. “‘I don’t think I was angry. I’m a pretty upbeat guy,'” Kasich said. Always ready to threaten or intimidate someone, be they band manager or reporter, Congressman Kasich then “suggested he could prevent the Grateful Dead from ever again playing in Washington.”

Of course, Kasich denies he said that, but then Kasich denies he’s says a lot of things he says. “Telling the Grateful Dead you’re a congressman is not going to get you onstage,'” Kasich said, the AP reported.

Kasich Dead In Cleveland

The Dead will be very alive when they play Chicago. John Kasich’s presidential campaign, on the other hand, may be very dead if his floundering national polling numbers don’t improve enough anytime soon to ace out new, fresh faced GOPers like New York real estate mogul Donald Trump or Ben Carson, the only African American among the gaggle of GOP White House wannabees.

The only Republican woman among the big field of aspirants, Carly Fiorina, is doing better than Ohio’s cranky, dismissive governor. Fiorina has more zoom in her rocket now than Kasich, who’s polling at 2 percent puts him ahead of his alter ego, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie who’s above zero by one point,

Reading Kasich antics from 21 years ago should cause voters to wonder why he’s still the same pugnacious, self-righteous jerk now that he was then? It’s basic Kasich to throw his weight and mouth around. Threatening the Dead then, that he could keep them playing from in Washington, is consistent with his promise now to throw people he doesn’t like under the bus or his verdict, one he’s given to more than one person on the record, that he’s saving his eternal soul through small-ball acts of charity.

Kasich Keeps On Truckin’

For John Kasich to stop being a jerk, the Lords’s hands would truly have to be on him.  It seems very unlikely he will be the GOP nominee after the primaries are over, and nearly impossible that he will ever reside in the White House after Republicans nominate their chosen calf to send to the national slaughter on November 8, 2016.


And yet, Kasich and his team keep on truckin’!

He will officially announce his candidacy at the Ohio State University on June 21st.