Kasich Announcement for Prez

A welcome email in my inbox.

I’ve been pondering the Franklin County Republican Party’s gracious invitation for me to attend a “special announcement event” in Columbus with Ohio Gov. John Kasich on July 21.

“Dear Republican,” the email begins wrong-footedly. I can forgive them the error—I wasn’t strictly forthright about my motives for signing up for their emails, although, on the other hand, they didn’t ask. But I do appreciate invitations and I love special announcements.

I especially love invitations to special announcements when they involve Ohio Gov. John Kasich, they fall on July 21, and it’s been rumored for months that Kasich will kick off his strut down the 2016 Republican Presidential catwalk sometime in late July.

Just 16 days later Fox News will host the first primary debate in Cleveland on Aug. 6. Either Kasich is counting on a helluva announcement-bump to push him into the Top Ten to be able to participate in that debate, or he’s breathing a sigh of relief that he doesn’t actually have to be challenged openly on any of his ideas. RealClearPolitics has his poll average right now at 1.8 percent, good enough for 13th place.

We all remember well Kasich’s proclivity toward not having to publicly defend himself, having refused to debate his Democratic challenger during his 2014 run for re-election.

When he is confronted, we also know Kasich prefers to act like a petulant child, pretending his opponent isn’t even in the same room. That should do wonders to offset the national perception of him as an arrogant, prickly, rude, off-putting jerk.

According to Cleveland.com’s Brent Larkin today, in Kasich’s bubble world this sort of demeanor is “normal.”

From Larkin:

Kasich is many things. Normal isn’t one of them.

In fact, as Kasich prepares to run for president, expect more people to suggest in public what many who know him have been whispering in private for years.

Indelicate though it may be, it’s a question worth asking:

Is John Kasich too big a jerk to be president?

Do the kids still say No Duh?

Give Larkin’s full piece the read it deserves, as he does a bang-up job highlighting the low-lights of John Kasich’s off-putting nature.

Some of my personal favorites include the NBC report that noted Kasich “is known to be brusque, confrontational and dismissive of others’ views, even fellow conservatives,” and when “National Journal reporter Michelle Cottle described Kasich’s ‘trademark rants’ as ’emotional, self-important and littered with shameless name-dropping.'”

Also, check Larkin’s piece out to hear the story about what Kasich did on June 26 throwing Ohio’s last six governors, Democratic and Republican alike, under the bus.

It led Larkin to write, “No wonder people find Kasich so off-putting. It’s one thing to embellish one’s own record; Kasich is a master at that. It’s borderline despicable to twist the facts to disparage those who held the same office.”

I think maybe I’ll attend Kasich’s special announcement after all. I’m on the edge of my seat waiting to see how he expects to win the Presidency while overcoming the fact that he has less personal charm than a bout of hemorrhoids.

David DeWitt is a writer and man of sport and leisure based out of Athens, Ohio. He has also written for Government Executive online, the National Journal’s Hotline, and The New York Observer’s Politicker.com. He can be found on Twitter @TheRevDeWitt.