Buried deep within the Ohio Budget Bill (HB64), and as agreed upon by the Conference Committee working out the details between the House and Senate versions, is the following language:

Of the foregoing appropriation item 200597, Education Program Support, $2,000,000 in each fiscal year [of the two-year budget] shall be distributed to Teach For America to increase recruitment of potential corps members at select Ohio universities, train and develop first-year and second-year teachers in the Teach for America program in Ohio, and expand alumni support and networking within the state.


Teach for America already charges school districts taxpayer-funded dollars as a “finders fee” for recruiting and placing teachers in school districts, so exactly why the organization needs additional taxpayer funds from the state legislator is mind-boggling.

These additional funds were not in the original budget proposed by Governor Kasich (though we know it’s a program he clearly supports) and were added in by the Ohio House and supported by members of the Ohio Senate.  While school districts and local governments are continuing to be hit hard by changes that are reducing their funding, the legislators are dumping $4,000,000 into this special project, an out-of-state program that specializes in placing temporary teachers.  Of note, the language does not explicitly state that the members recruited from “select Ohio universities” are to remain in Ohio’s school districts, but could conceivably travel to other states where Teach for America works.

Once again, instead of doubling down on teacher preparation programs in state universities, the Ohio General Assembly is putting their money in this special interest group that has not proven to be as good as traditional educator preparation programs while also charging school districts for using “TFA’s services”.  From our view, this looks like an opportunity for TFA to get paid twice – first through the state budget to set up shop in Ohio, and second by charging exorbitant fees to school districts who hire TFA “corps members”.

Do Ohio’s school districts get paid twice for “recruiting teachers”, for “training and developing first-year and second-year teachers”?

No, they do not.

So why is an out-of-state “nonprofit” organization that annually receives millions of dollars in donations from private individuals, foundations, and corporations being propped up by Ohio’s taxpayers?


  • Red Rover

    This must be the “finder’s fee” for campaign donations to Republicans.

  • carrieee4

    Sometimes I can’t even think. They are railroading this down our throats! We CAN see the future… They want to say we only see the short term results and not the long term…..unfortunately it is “them” who cannot see the actual damage that is being done and what it will cause in the long term….they only see the $$$ in the long term. The damage is being done to our children…their education…their futures…and the actual future of our state and country…

  • Erica Leslie

    Is this any worse than the tax dollars funneled to the state teachers’ unions and their out of state affiliates through our state’s public education? Not really.

  • goofproof

    Maybe we should pull people out of college, give them a crash course in anatomy and surgery, and throw them in the hospitals. We could call it Treat for America.
    Or maybe set up a sign up booth at the mall and let those interested become airline pilots. Call it Fly for the Flag.
    Who needs years of law school? Pass the Bar? Nay, just print a law degree off a web site and enjoy Lawyers for Liberty.
    This is typical Republican devaluation of teachers and learning. Much of this demeaning support for TFA is a misogynistic view of teachers. Teaching to these conservatives is for the “little lady”, not a profession.

  • Dale L. Kwarciany

    Sure teach for a while, put that on your rez as someone who “gives back” oh Bull cookies! This is such a crock.

  • Sy Colepath

    Please explain how this is happening. Or, are you just trolling?

  • Susan Riley

    Ill-prepared teachers teaching ill-prepared students. What could go wrong?

  • goofproof

    Troll central.

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