Last month we wrote about the upcoming Defending The American  Dream Summit to be held in Columbus, Ohio this August.  Sponsored by the Koch Brother-funded group Americans For Prosperity (AFP), the Summit will feature a slew of well-known Republican office holders, many of whom are running for the Republican 2016 presidential nomination.

Indiana Governor Mike Pence, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, Florida Governor Jeb Bush, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, Georgia Senator David Perdue and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker have all been invited to speak.

Still not on the invitation list?   Ohio Governor John Kasich.

A recent Politico story may provide some insight into why Kasich has not been invited to speak at this huge conservative event taking place a few blocks from his office :

Kasich’s temper has made it harder to endear himself to the GOP’s wealthy benefactors. Last year, he traveled to Southern California to appear on a panel at a conference sponsored by the Republican mega-donors Charles and David Koch. At one point, according to accounts provided by two sources present, Randy Kendrick, a major contributor and the wife of Ken Kendrick, the owner of the Arizona Diamondbacks, rose to say she disagreed with Kasich’s decision to expand Medicaid coverage, and questioned why he’d expressed the view it was what God wanted.

The governor’s response was fiery. “I don’t know about you, lady,” he said as he pointed at Kendrick, his voice rising. “But when I get to the pearly gates, I’m going to have an answer for what I’ve done for the poor.”

The exchange left many stunned. About 20 audience members walked out of the room, and two governors also on the panel, Nikki Haley of South Carolina and Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, told Kasich they disagreed with him. The Ohio governor has not been invited back to a Koch seminar — opportunities for presidential aspirants to mingle with the party’s rich and powerful — in the months since.

The Politico story is just the latest in a series of recent revelations by national media organizations about John Kasich’s bad temper and his tendency to act like a spoiled child and obnoxious jerk.

Followers of Plunderbund shouldn’t be surprised by the news that Kasich is a jerk.  We’ve been writing about it for over 7 years while the rest of Ohio’s media outlets ignored the issue.

The only exception was the Other Paper. In 2010 they published a piece containing a long list of occasions on which John Kasich was a dick to other people.  Among other things, Kasich threw a coffee cup at his campaign manager during his last run for president and he was thrown off stage for acting like a jerk as a Grateful Dead concert.

The paper was sold to the conservative owners of the Columbus Dispatch the following year and subsequently shut down.

Kasich has been an arrogant, temperamental  jerk his entire life, but Ohio’s political reporters seem to have been hesitant to report on it recently for fear of risking access to the governor’s office and his campaign.

Thankfully, national reporters don’t seem to have the same fear.


  • sluggo

    I hate to defend Kasich but I think it’s ok for him to be a jerk to a rich woman (the D-backs are worth $447 million) who doesn’t think the poors deserve government subsidized health insurance.

    If hectoring the right wing over their needless and mean spirited desire to punish the poor gets him disinvited from the GOP donor class affairs then he moves up a notch in my book.

  • buckeye15

    Agreed. If he climbs up 6,000,000,000,000 more notches, he may even get my respect.

  • sluggo

    Uh yeah…I think 6 trillion may be a bit generous.

    Watching Kasich piss off rich right-wingers and their lackey politicians (Haley, Jindal) is like watching two hornets fight in a jar – you root for them to simultaneously sting each other to death.

  • Susan Riley

    You’re right. While we all know Kasich is an asswipe of gigantic proportions, my gut reaction to reading the article was one of support.

  • Andy

    The people you call “rich” in this country donate a helluva a lot more to charity, etc. than your friends.

  • Andy

    Christians do help the poor. So do the people with lots of money.

  • sluggo

    So what? That’s immaterial to any part of this discussion.

    THe problem isn’t that Randy Kendrick is rich. The problem is the Kendricks are rich AND actively working to deny health insurance to poor people. The dollar value of expanding Medicaid is well beyond the value of any charity the Kendricks donate (or anyone else for that matter including the Gates).

    You seem to imply that giving to charity absolves the wealthy from advocating for policies that cause harm to the poor. Does that mean there is an X amount someone could give to charity that allows them to be stingy in other aspects of life? Can I steal from poor people and make up for that by donating $1 million to the food bank?

  • David Akadjian

    On this issue, he’s right. I’m not a Kasich fan at all, but here I’m with him.

  • David Akadjian

    These “rich” are banding together so they can buy government. With the express purpose of getting government to do things they want. They have even declared that their only value is selfishness. I consider people like this corrupt assholes.

    Not all rich people are like that. But this describes the Kochs. Conservatives get one thing right: America has lost its values. This hasn’t happened because of liberals though. It’s happened because of people like the Kochs.

  • Andy

    The Kochs do not have a monopoly on this behavior. Look at George Soros.

  • David Akadjian

    There is a big difference between donating to political parties and donating expecting something in return.

    The Kochs (and other Republican billionaires like Sheldon Adelson, Arthur Pope, Foster Friess, Paul Singer, Robert Mercer, Woody Johnson, Normon Braman, Peter Thiel, and Richard Mellon-Scaife) ask for union busting, tax handouts, and regulations written in their favor.

    What has Soros ever gotten in return? And yeah, some of this still goes on w/ other Democratic donors – particularly Wall St. donors. But the Republican party has taken it to an extreme.

    If you want to fight against it, stop pointing fingers and let’s fight against it. Saying “b-b-b-b-ut they do it too” is pointless.

  • SuZieCoyote

    You do know that the vast amount of that “charity” goes to right wing “think” tanks and foundations pursuing anti-government libertarian goals and flooding media with propaganda. This is the lion’s share of “charity” these fine people support.

  • SuZieCoyote

    Except it doesn’t really go to the food banks. It goes to their friends via foundations, etc.

  • Andy

    Bullshit. Go look up the facts.

  • Andy

    What has Soros ever gotten in return? Are you kidding? Do you know the history behind the guy? Do you know how he made his money? Go get your facts straight.

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