Did you see that the new Gov. Kasich has now decided to reveal his more engaging  side by cracking one-liners during his standup campaign appearances? Henny Youngman he’s not, but that doesn’t discourage him from snapping off several in a single monologue,  as he did at  the Ingham County Republican reception in Lansing, Mich.

A brief sample of his humor is all that I can suffer from the hard-edged guy who once limited his talent to acidly  slamming anybody who annoyed him.

“Do you know  why God created economists?” he cracked. “To make astrologers look accurate.” There are countless variations of this line.  You’d think his comedy writers would know that.

And in a self-deprecating nod  to his work for Fox News, he declared: “Let’s not underestimate the great stardom I achieved at Fox News.”  Har-di-har, responded the appreciative group.   I can tell you that with such assemblages, at least those who aren’t comatose , they will laugh at anything  short of a requiem.  .

But Kasich’s reversal of form  as a puffy leader of the free world, does reveal signs of wistfulness to return to his blue- collar youth in Western Pennsylvania.  Indeed, if his bid for the White House fails, he could at least be ready for a revival of the  Blue Collar Comedy Tour with Jeff Foxworthy  and Larry the Cable Guy and a couple of others.  Don’t laugh.