A hodgepodge of information showing how Buckeyes feel about selected politicians, sports figures and certain state rivalries was a combination of amusing, informative and ho hum. Public Policy Polling released the results of a survey Thursday that showed Ohioans don’t much like Ohio Congressman and U.S. House Speaker John Boehner, they do like Lebron James and hate Michigan as much or more than everybody thinks already.


Plunderbund recently wrote about Gov. John Kasich’s dislike of Lebron James, which puts him at odds with the 59 percent who like the greatest basketball player playing the game today. In a reversal of fortune from when he left the Cleveland Cavaliers to play for the Miami Heat to today, with the Cavs poised to win its first NBA championship of the Cavs can continue their winning ways against the Golden State Warriors, Lebron “The King” James only has 11 percent of Buckeyes not liking him.

When Gov. Kasich dumped on James for leaving Cleveland, then ballyhooed the acquisition by the Cleveland Browns of Texas football star Johnny Manziel, he opined that Manziel was the better pick to bring good times to Cleveland. That’s not what Ohioans think of the quarterback, with only 25 percent wanting Manziel to be their starting QB next year. Only 18 percent of Ohioans seeing him favorably to 36% with a negative view, PPP said. And among Browns fans, Manziel is at 25/45, making him even more unpopular with them than he is with the overall population.

For baseball fans, 33 percent are Cleveland Indians fans compared to 26 percent for the Cincinnati Reds. A plurality of Ohioans [51%] identify as Ohio State fans on the college sports front with 10 percent going for Cincinnati, and every other school in the state (as well as Michigan), PPP observed. OSU football coach Urban Meyer has one of the highest approval ratings ever measured by the polling firm, with 85 percent of Buckeye fans approving of the job he’s doing to only 2 percent who disapprove.

Pete Rose, who many believe should be in the Baseball Hall of Fame, is still a very popular figure, as 53 percent of voters in the state see him favorably to only 20 percent who have a negative view. Sixty-four percent think he should be in the Hall of Fame compared to only 17 percent who believe he should continue to be left out.

Meyer almost matched famed OSU head coach Woody Hayes in the hearts and minds of Buckeye Nation, with 30 percent claiming Meyer is the program’s best coach ever, putting him within striking range of Hayes’ at 35 percent. Former OSU coach Jim Tressel is still beloved by OSU fans with a 71/9 favorability rating) and secures 18 percent. Former Buckeye coaches Earle Bruce and John Cooper register at just one percent. The big question of who starts at QB for the Bucks is solved if fans get to vote. If they did, 33 percent would choose Cardale Jones to 23 percent for Braxton Miller and 14 percent for J.T. Barrett.

If you grow up in Ohio, you’re taught to “not give a damn for the whole state of Michigan,” and that’s is the case with the PPP polling on that question. Ohioans really do hate Michigan a lot more than any other state, PPP said. Thirty percent have a negative opinion of it to 20 percent for Kentucky, 17 percent for Indiana, 16 percent for West Virginia, and only 10 percent for Pennsylvania.


In the political arena, “exceedingly unpopular” is how the poll called Boehner’s 26 percent approval rating compared to those who disapprove of him at 55 percent. Members of Boehner’s own political party (45/38) narrowly support his leadership while Democrats (14/67) and independents (16/62) also don’t find him their cup of tea, which aligns with fans of the Tea Party who won’t be sending him Christmas cards this year.

Ohioans are ready to support a constitutional amendment that would require redistricting be done in a bipartisan fashion, so say 41 who would favor such a proposal to only 20 percent opposed to it. Democrats (53/17) and independents (41/15) are relatively supportive of such an amendment, while even Republicans (29/26) are for it.