The story lines in this season’s political discourse have been stranger than normal for a bunch of would-be achievers at the local and national forums.  For starters, the seismic effect on the Akron mayor’s race by Don Plusquellic’s  volatile departure after 28 years has dug deeply into the viscera of not only his opponents but also his supporters.
Seismic?  Three Democratic  mayors  in a blink? Hardly time to change all of the official stationary at City Hall to bear the name of Jeff Fusco, Democratic county chairman until a moment ago who stepped aside for county Councilwoman Sandra Kurt.       At that he will only serve out his battleground commission until another mayor is elected in November, doubtless the survivor of the Democratic primary.
Among the odder  rollups to the mayoral filing deadline was veteran State Sen. Tom
Sawyer, once Akron  mayor himself 30 years ago.  He’ told the Beacon Journal that his filing of petitions didn’t mean, as he approaches 70,  he would actually run for the office.   (At that moment, a reporter should have done the routine follow-up by asking what the hell did that mean?  ) He now says he wants to be part of the “conversation” as the “grownup”.
Shift the discussion  to Jeb Bush, who is trying to set a record for fund-raising by an unannounced presidential  candidate.  He was on TV the other day saying he’s not campaigning for prez.  At what point, it’s fair to ask, will he borrow a term from his brother by declaring “Mission Accomplished”?
But we did jot down for historical purpose the presidential  insight  added ay another candidate, Lindsey Graham.  Since he’s a confirmed bachelor, he was asked about the rare moment in presidential history when there would be no First Lady.
Easy to fix, Graham breezily allowed, with his sister and a lot of friends posted on a rotating basis to serve as First Women.
I didn’t make any of this up.