In the Ohio Senate’s version of the state budget bill, House Bill 64, a controversial provision added in by the Ohio House was left unchanged:

Sec. 3301.078. (B) No funds appropriated from the general revenue fund shall be used to purchase an assessment developed by the partnership for assessment of readiness for college and careers for use as the assessments prescribed under sections 3301.0710 and 3301.0712 of the Revised Code.

The “partnership for assessment of readiness for college and careers” is better known as PARCC, the consortium that administered the new state tests in Ohio and many other states this year and was beset by problems, from how it was administered (technology issues, a dramatic increase in testing time for students) and from a public relations standpoint where an unprecedented number of parents began refusing to allow their children to participate in the tests.

Also like the House’s version, the bill is devoid of specific details as to what Ohio would use to replace the new exams, which means that we are likely to see components of House Bill 74 and/or Senate Bill 3 hurriedly integrated into the bill.  The probable scenario is that such changes to the actual assessments used and any testing time limits will be added in during the conference committee after the Senate passes their version of HB64.

With only three weeks left to get this bill to the Governor, any final changes will unfortunately be made without the benefit of any real public vetting and/or input on the final decisions, once again leaving teachers, parents, and schools out of the process.



  • amyvav

    As a veteran teacher, I can assure anyone who asks that PARCC certainly was a nightmare, and needs to go, but your final point is correct. The craziness will now continue. All the changes that were made to get ready for PARCC will now likely be moot, and we will be chasing our tails getting ready for whatever comes next. Meanwhile, I feel as if this past year’s students did not get the education experience that they deserved and needed. The people responsible for these decisions can’t keep flying by the seats of their pants and expecting schools to be able to prepare. For us, next year has already begun. We have placed students in classes, ordered materials, collaborated about goals and strategies, scheduled testing times in computer labs. Don’t get me wrong. If PARCC is out, I am jumping for joy! I just wish I could have jumped into something other than another pile of last-minute work.

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