What happened to Gov. Kasich’s last promise for a “New Day,” you know, the one he talked about in 2010 where everybody links arms to climb a mountain, then comes together to solve problems without special interest or politics interfering with what the Lord wants us to do?  What happened to his promise that Ohioans from Cuyahoga to Cincinnati, Toledo to Marietta would be happy again, all due to the bounty the governor’s conservative faith-based policies will produce?

One Buckeye State editorial writer judged Mr. Kasich’s so-called “Ohio Miracle” as nonsense. Brent Larkin said “Kasich’s a lousy listener, has an astonishingly short attention span, often comes off as narcissistic, and is wired so tightly one never quite knows what’s about to tumble out of his mouth.” Pushing back on Team Kasich deceptive half-truths, Larkin notes that “Ohio’s poverty rate continues to rise, the middle class continues to shrink, and average median income is nowhere near what it was in 2000.”

Kasich’s last “New Day, New Way” slogan, hatched by his PR handlers in 2010 when Tea Party energy pushed him over the finish line to victory, hasn’t lived up to expectations, given the governor’s poor and slow record on creating jobs and the rise in poverty.

Appearing on NBC’s Meet The Press this past Sunday, twice-elected Ohio Gov. John Kasich said the Lord hasn’t told him directly yet whether his God-given talents include becoming the next president, but until he learns what He wants him to do, he’ll do what Gabriel would do, blow his own horn.

“My family is a consideration, and number two, the most important thing is, what does the Lord want me to do with my life? You know, he puts us on Earth, all of us on Earth, to achieve certain purposes, and I’m trying to determine if this is what the Lord wants, and I’m not going to figure that out laying in bed hoping lightning strikes, so I’m out there one foot in front of another. We’ll see what happens.”

Kasich’s shameless theocracy world-view should be a disqualifier instead of a qualifier, but his Billy Sunday hokum has become a fundamental part of his carefully crafted narrative that he’s doing what God wants done and anyone who says differently risks a rude reception in Heaven.

Eager to get his skin in the presidential campaign game, Ohio’s governor, whose personality quirks and imperial attitude have already become legend and could knock him out before he really gets in, has again trotted out another new-day campaign that picks up where his last one left off.

“It’s time for a New Day for America,” his new peek-a-boo campaign website says. “It’s time to put aside the petty differences that divide us and rediscover the values we all share. There’s so much more that brings us together than divides us. Values that make America great, like personal responsibility, community, respect, courage and, faith. When we remember our shared values, we can come together and do what we all know needs to be done: balance our nation’s budget, create jobs by cutting taxes and reforming our tax code, help our fellow Americans who live in the shadows move up and lead self-sufficient lives, finally get smart about making health care affordable and help make the world a safer place by spreading freedom and prosperity.”

Gov. Kasich appears confident that another round of lofty rhetoric about how rosy the future could be if only voters give his theocracy a chance to work its magic is what the Lord ordered for the nation. If it’s the same recipe he calls his “Ohio Story,” then instead of a new dawn for a new day arriving, the nation would be forced to do more with less, while he and his plunder more pubic funds as he drains the treasury to cut income taxes. And despite his lamentations about balancing the federal budget, he seems all to ready to add to it by sending more American troops off to fight another costly war.

In the meantime, as Mr. Kasich divines what the Lord has in store for him, others who also belief in Him have gotten the message that the Lord wants them to run. Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Marco Rubio, each of whom can see and raise Ohio’s governor in the game of pandering to the religious right, have declared and are out raising the unconscionable sums modern elections are fueled by.