It seems like just yesterday that two starry-eyed Republican governors, John Kasich and Chris Christie, staged a hug-in on Arizona soil to reaffirm their enduring fraternal and political bonds.

Enthused Kasich to the Columbus Dispatch:

“Christie is going to do great out there. Are you kidding? Christie, he is like a force now. People want to be around him. He came out to Ohio during my last campaign, people just loved him. He said if you don’t elect this guy, I am coming back here New Jersey style. They liked it.”

Enthused Chris Christie: “I love John Kasich….We get along very well because we have very similar approaches to governing.”

Enthused Kasich: “Chris and I are friends. He texts me, we laugh, we bust each other’s chops.” He exclaimed to reporters: “You all can’t get enough of him”

That spirited one-act brotherhood play by a couple of veteran actors occurred in November, 2013, at the Republican Governors Association Conference in Scottsdale. The Dispatch noted Christie was an “early frontrunner” for the big prize in 2016 because of his “skyrocketing status” – a good fellow for Kasich to know for later reference.)

Since then the darker side in both camps that once were projected as serious contenders for the presidency, or one rung down the golden ladder, has demonstrated how easily the political fortune for early stardom can go awry.

Kasich has been scouring several states for a jump start on his own national ambition only to return to friendly Ohio soil unable to turn up poll numbers that showed anybody cared.

Christie, the soul mate that Kasich described as a “big teddy bear”, remains caught up in the infamous traffic blockade on the George Washington Bridge. It’s a scandal, the New York Times reported this week, in which there’s a possibility of imminent and embarrassing indictments of his administration.

So now the teddy bear is engaged in a slow and painful process, his aides say, of one town hall meeting at a time to climb out of his hole.

It would seem only fair for Kasich to head to New Jersey soil, Ohio style, to again bust his chops with Christie and tell people that Christie should still be a force, whatever that may be.