Did you see that Robert Mercer, the full-pocketed Wall Street hedge fund zillionaire, went out and bought a Republican presidential candidate? Yep, crazy Ted Cruz. Mercer, described in a New York Times report as a hard-right “recluse”, likes Cruz. They are soul mates on stuff like taxes. And Mercer doesn’t mind paying for it.

It’s a perfect match inasmuch as Mercer’s Renaissance hedge fund has been tailed by the IRS with claims that it owes $6 billion in back taxes. Mercer , to the delight of his right-wing crowd, wants to abolish the IRS, a thought neither original with him nor Cruz. He is said to be so intense about his likes and dislikes that I wouldn’t be surprised if he persuades Cruz to offer him a BOGO veep candidate that pleases him.

So here we go, friends. As billionaires – the one percenters – look for ways for extend their fortunes as owner-donors of candidates seeking the highest office in the land. And if you must know, their creed is that their billions don’t go as far as they used to thanks to free-spending tax-mad liberals. The Koch Brothers will be happy to tell you about it.

But it’s also true that they are terrible investors in choosing the candidates on the store counter. Casino magnate Sheldon Adelson sent more than $10 million to Newt Gingrich when the latter was little more than an asterisk in 2012 as a presidential candidate. He also spent a boasted $100 million (“Whatever it takes!”, he said) to defeat Obama. It blew out a donor record that was set in 2004 by liberal George Soros, who put up a paltry $27.5 million in s losing cause against George W. Bush.

Still, as most Americans sit back quietly in their bleacher seats to witness the spectacle, it might be worthwhile to think about the words of of Trevor Potter, a Republican campaign finance lawyer and former member of the Federal Elections Commission who told the Times:

‘It just takes a random billionaire to change a race and maybe change the country. That’s what’s so radically different now.”