Last year, when Gov. John Kasich was running for a second term as governor of Ohio, no one who has even half-way followed his career as a politician thought for a second he wasn’t interested in running for president if he got a second term.

Even though he avoided saying whether he would or wouldn’t seek the highest office in the land, all of his moves, then and now, show just how much he and his team have been gearing up for the White House. Prominent among his many problems is that his favorite son cache disappears outside Ohio’s borders.

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall…Who’a The Fairest Governor Of Them All?

To help boost his name outside the state, Gov. Kasich went to Detroit Monday to deliver his well crafted but largely untrue homily of his role in helping Ohio recovery from the Great Recession. As Plunderbund has reported numerous times before, his so-called “Ohio Story” is really about him and his ego. And while Gov. Kasich relishes the notion that he alone has the secret sauce for jobs and growth, every other GOP governor is reading from the same playbook.

As Republicans now face their ultimate nightmare in an energized Hillary Clinton who announced Sunday that she’s running for president again, Democrats are loading up for Republicans, including Mr. Kasich. His economic story hardly looks different than the economic policies of every other Republican: stifle opportunity for middle class Americans, and give tax breaks to the wealthy and special interests.

Talking in characteristically vague phrases about leadership and making tough decisions, the 62-year old governor does have a story to tell. But it’s not a good story. Easily researched facts—including what he’s done to local governments and schools and public service workers by dramatically withholding transfers to them so he can give his wealthy donor base more unneeded income tax cuts—debunk the many half-truths that unrock his mirror-mirror-on-the-wall-whose-the-fairest-governor-of-all spiel.

Kasich Outed As Misleader-In-Chief

Meanwhile, while Gov. Kasich makes another out-of-state trip paid for by the Ohio Republican Party, which he shanghaied to dethrone its chairman so a loyal wrecking crew buddy could take over, the White House was playing offense. Offering what it called “Different Priorities for Ohio: The President’s Tax Policies Support Middle-Class Economics while the Republicans’ Proposals Slash Taxes for the Wealthiest at the Expense of Middle-Class and Working Families,” President Obama’s team pointed to 61 straight months of job growth—through middle-class economics—that has now created 12.1 million new jobs. Under Gov. Kasich leadership, Ohio has yet to just break even with the national average on job growth for 28 straight months, as experts have repeatedly pointed out.

“The Republican proposals stand in stark contrast to the President’s FY 2016 Budget, which would bring middle-class economics into the 21st Century. The contrast in economic visions couldn’t be clearer,” it said. The priorities of Congressional Republicans have taken a very different approach by including huge tax giveaways to the wealthy and well-connected at the expense of the middle class and those struggling to get into the middle class, the report said. Gov. Kasich’s political friend and golfing buddy, Ohio congressman and House speaker John Boehner, has been a real leader in causing havoc, from sequestrations to government shutdowns.

The presidents spelled out what his policies versus those of Gov. Kasich and like-minded Republicans mean for Ohio families:

  • The President’s expansions to the Earned Income Tax Credit and the Child Tax Credit that he initially signed into law as part of the Recovery Act in 2009 and were subsequently extended through 2017 are benefiting 546,000 Ohio families in 2015—delivering a total of $490 million in tax relief.
  • President Obama’s proposal to expand the Earned Income Tax Credit for workers who do not have children living at home would benefit 507,000 Ohio workers.
  • The President’s second earner credit for two-earner families would give a tax cut of up to $500 to 905,000 working families in Ohio.
  • And in Ohio, where the average annual cost of center-based child care for two children was $14,258 in 2013, the President’s proposal to triple the maximum child care tax credit for young children to $3,000 per child is sorely needed.

“Kasich has proved that when it comes to economics, he is no different than any other Republican. Doling out tax cuts for the wealthiest and pushing the burden onto the middle class, while gutting education and rejecting investments in infrastructure,” DNC spokesperson Jason Pitt said via email today.