We should all be a tad relieved that our tag-along Republican senator, Rob Portman, didn’t join the flash mob that called for cratering Iran in the wake of our potential nuclear deal with Iran. As usual, he cautiously did leave us between the middle and center of the road with his remarks to Neil Cavuto on Fox News before the deal was even announced. But unlike some GOP Rambos, he stopped short of delivering the payloads.

He said we’d be better off if Iran got it’s nuclear material “out of the country – something Iran says it doesn’t want to do,” Oh?

He did, however, reveal his sentiments earlier by tagging along with 46 other GOP senators in the notorious letter to Iran penned by Sen. Tom Cotton, the latest petard in the party’s armory. That didn’t go unnoticed by Portman’s Democratic rival for the Senate seat, Ted Strickland, who referred to it as a “dangerous political stunt” and “reckless”.

The Republican mindset is aimed more at savagely assailing President Obama than containing Iran. There’s Ron Christie, an advisor to then veep Dick Cheney and John Kasich when the latter was chairman of the House Finance Committee. (Funny how these right-wing associations, including Fox’s payroll, keep turning up in Kasich’s past.)

Christie robotically dead-panned on Chris Matthews’ show to compare Obama to Neville Chamberlain! That low blow so outraged Matthews that he termed it “disgusting” and “crap”. Back in her cave, Michele Bachmann compared Obama to the suicidal pilot of the crashed airliner.

Among the bomb-throwers were John Bolton. modern version of Dr. Strangelove; Cotton, who can hardly contain himself these days with his newly acquired celebrity; and Rep. Louie Gohmert, generally known as the dumbest guy on Capitol Hill.

And , of course , there’s the big man himself, Benjamin Netanyahu, the Republican Party’s honorary ad hoc foreign policy advisor,who isn’t thrilled by the nuclear framework and will tell that to anybody who will listen in Israel and on Capitol Hill.

In times like this, we yearn for the leadership of Golda Meir, Israel’s distinguished prime minister. During her term (1969-1974) she reminded someone: “Don’t be humble. You’re not that great.”

Sorry, Bibi, but history likely will regard you at the other end of the spectrum as Israel’s villain. You’re not that great anyway.