Reporters who have traveled with Gov. Kasich on his national stand-up stage tour have quoted him as warming up  to  “people’s problems”.  Here’s how Kasich, a practicing born-again, explained his new concern for the less fortunate during a stop in West Virginia:

“For some reason the Lord has made me more aware of people’s problems.  And I take that awareness seriously.”

Kasich often reminds us that he’s a blue-collar kid from Western Pennsylvania, so you have to wonder why it has taken all of these years to recognize the needs of others.  As a sort-of black-collar witness of the coal dust – the mines were within short walking distance from my home – I couldn’t miss the miners, their faces and hands blackened from a long day burrowing into Standard Shaft, as they slumped past my porch on their way home .  Talk about problems!

I didn’t need the Lord to tell me about them. But I wasn’t thinking about running for president.