Reporters who have traveled with Gov. Kasich on his national stand-up stage tour have quoted him as warming up  to  “people’s problems”.  Here’s how Kasich, a practicing born-again, explained his new concern for the less fortunate during a stop in West Virginia:

“For some reason the Lord has made me more aware of people’s problems.  And I take that awareness seriously.”

Kasich often reminds us that he’s a blue-collar kid from Western Pennsylvania, so you have to wonder why it has taken all of these years to recognize the needs of others.  As a sort-of black-collar witness of the coal dust – the mines were within short walking distance from my home – I couldn’t miss the miners, their faces and hands blackened from a long day burrowing into Standard Shaft, as they slumped past my porch on their way home .  Talk about problems!

I didn’t need the Lord to tell me about them. But I wasn’t thinking about running for president.

  • goofproof

    Was it the Lord whispering to Kasich, or his campaign manager?

  • kurtbateman

    What a creep…..he’s been practicing sounding like this for a long time yet he really couldn’t care less about peoples problems!
    Prime example is the medicaid expansion which was calculated for max “empathy exposure” then turned over to the money changers!

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